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3rd Vermont Infantry

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

BEATTIE, Alexander Mitchell (1828-1907)

Born 29 Jul 1828, Ryegate. Died 7 Mar 1907; buried Summer Street Cemetery, Manchester, NH. Captain, Co. F, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Maidstone. At Cold Harbor, VA, on 5 Jun 1864, he "removed, under a hot file, a wounded member of his command to a place of safety." Medal of Honor issued 25 Apr 1894. (NARA File: W-2486-VS-1863)

HAWKINS, Gardner C. (1846-1913)

Born 1846, Pomfret. Died 15 Dec 1913, Winthrop, MA; buried Lindenwood Cemetery, Stoneham. MA. 1st Lieut., Co. E, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Woodstock. At Petersburg, VA, on 2 Apr 1865, "when the lines were wavering from the well-directed fire of the enemy, this officer, acting adjutant of the regiment, sprang forward, and with encouraging words cheered the soldiers on and, although dangerously wounded, refused to leave the field until the enemy's works were taken. Medal of Honor issued 30 Sep 1893. (NARA File: H-1390-VS-1865)

JOHNSTON, Willie (1850-?)

Born 1850, Morristown, NY. Died unknown; buried unknown. Musician, Co. D, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Salem. Date and place of action unknown; citation not on record in War Department. Medal of Honor issued 16 Sep 1863. (NARA File: VAZ-308-EB-1864)

PINGREE, Samuel E. (1832-1922)

Born 2 Aug 1832, Salisbury, NH. Died 1 Jun 1922; buried Hartford Cemetery, White River Junction. Captain, Co. F, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Hartford. At Lee's Mill, Va., on 16 Apr 1862, "gallantly led his Co. across a wide, deep creek, drove the enemy from the rifle pits, which were within 2 yards of the farther bank, and remained at the head of his men until a second time severely wounded." Medal of Honor issued 17 Aug 1891. (NARA File: R&P 293895)

SCOTT, Julian A. (1846-1901)

Born 15 Feb 1846, Johnson. Died 4 Jul 1901; buried Hillside Cemetery, Plainfield, NJ. Drummer, Co. E, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Johnson. At Lee's Mill, on 16 Apr 1862, he "crossed the creek under a terrific fire of musketry several times to assist in bringing off the wounded." Medal of Honor issued Feb 1865. (NARA File: SFi-135-EB-1863)

SEAVER, Thomas Orvilla (1833-1912)

Born 23 Dec 1833, Cavendish. Died 11 Jul 1912, Woodstock; buried River Street Cemetery, Woodstock. Colonel, 3rd Vermont Infantry, credited to Pomfret. At Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA, on10 May 1864, "at the head of 3 regiments and under a most galling fire, attacked and occupied the enemy's works." Medal of Honor issued 8 Apr 1892. (NARA File: B-986-VS-1862)