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3rd Vermont Infantry


"O", correspondence

1911 Reunion, 3rd Vermont Infantry

2nd-6th Regiments - AG65

3rd Infantry - AG62

3rd Regiment - AG63

3rd Regiment Association Meeting, 1927

Additional Service

Anonymous Letter, 11-29-1861

Army Medical Museum Case Histories

Battle of Savage's Station

Benedict, Chapter 7

Blanchard, Hiram K., Disability discharge

Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)

Cedar Creek

Charles Collection

Co. A and the town of Springfield

Cobban, Simon C. F., ladder badge

Corbin, David T., obituary

Corps Badges

Dunn, John, proof of service

Fairbanks, John, biography

Fairbanks, Luke B., biography

Fairbanks, Luke, biography

Fernet, Louis, biography

Flag Collection


Floyd, Horace W., 3rd Regiment, Report of 30 Aug 65 - AG65

Gibson Collection

Harrington, F. C., 3rd Regiment, Report of Apr 62 - AG64

Henry Janes (Waterbury)

Houghton reminiscences

How A Man Feels in Battle

Hyde, Breed, 3rd Regiment, Report - AG64

Hyde, Breed, 3rd Regiment, Report - AG64

ID Disks

Identification Disks

Italo Collection

Jones Collection

Joseph Stahl Collection

Judd, Albert S.

Julian Scott (Johnson)

Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864

Last Veterans

Lee's Mill, 3rd Vermont Monument

Leland, Levi P., military record

Messenger, William, correspondence

Miller, Henry C., cenotaph

National Soldiers Homes

Newell, Henry C., obituary

Petersburg, 1st Brigade Marker

Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond


Proctor, "Old Charley"

Read, Sara, correspondence

Regimental Band

Research Aids

Rowdy Co. A, 13th VT INF

Sawin, Levi S., biography

Seaver, Thomas O., 3rd Regiment, Report of 9 May 1863 - AG63

Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor

Sleeping Sentinel

The Vermonters At Lee's Mill

The Wilderness - Vermont's Bloodiest Day!

Third Infantry - AG62

Troops in the Field - AG64 (Sub-units)

Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Wilderness, Monument

Willie Johnston Marker