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4th Vermont Infantry


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Company K

Allen, Harrison P.
Amadon, Henry Austin
Badger, Kneeland
Bagley, Elon H.
Barrett, Marcellus M.
Barton, Dorman
Bates, Torrence
Beach, Henry
Bell, Alexander
Bennett, Gideon
Blodgett, Orrin O.
Blodgett, Stephen Blaney
Bolin, Thomas
Bourdon, Louis
Boutin, Charles W.
Brock, Alonzo
Cady, Samuel A.
Camel, Frank
Carter, Albert A.
Carter, Edward W.
Cass, Lewis O.
Chadwick, Jerome J.
Church, Martin
Cleveland, Charles C.
Coburn, James M.
Coffey, Robert John
Cook, Stephen F.
Courtney, Joseph
Cronan, Thomas
Dam, Charles A.
Davis, Frank
Davis, Leander D.
DeCamp, Ezra M.
Delotte, Peter
Dow, Augustus
Drew, Nelson C.
Dunn, Richard
Eastman, Albert
Eastman, Daniel
Edwards, Alonzo F.
Emerson, George H.
Ensworth, Thomas Jr.
Farnsworth, Ebenezer
Fisher, Abial Walstein
Fisher, Charles G.
Fisk, Van Loren M.
Fisk, William Porter
Fletcher, Lucius C.
Flint, Charles V.
Ford, Arba A.
French, James
French, Martin W.
George, Reuben B.
Gerron, Lewis
Gibson, William O.
Gillingham, Orlando B.
Glazier, Frank
Gould, Ashbell K.
Gove, Francis Brown
Gove, Freeman R.
Gray, Jacob G.
Gray, Wells C.
Green, John
Gregory, Joseph
Grout, Ira F.
Hadley, Orman B.
Hall, Warren
Hardy, George W.
Hartwell, Haskell F.
Hayden, George S.
Hoisington, Byron O.
Holcomb, Chester
Howard, Ellery
Howard, Kendrick R.
Howe, William J.
Howe, William W.
Hulett, William W.
Hutchinson, Austin S.
Hyde, William P.
Johnson, Charles Dubois
Kibbee, Edward N.
Knapp, William H.
Larkin, Patrick
Larrabee, Henry D.
Lowler, Thomas
Marsdale, Gerald E.
Marshall, John L.
Maxfield, George C.
McGrath, Philip
McInerny, Asa C.
McKay, Luther W.
McMullen, Robert H.
Merriam, Edwin R.
Miles, Josiah
Montgomery, Justin M.
Morton, Henry S.
Morton, Willis W.
Murphy, William E.
Nichols, Ulysses
Nourse, Nelson L.
Noyes, John F.
Obery, William
Paine, Oscar W.
Partlow, Lorenzo D.
Patch, Charles W.
Petrie, William H.
Pierce, Levi Orlando
Pierce, Perry F.
Pingree, Stephen Morse
Rich, Carlos H.
Rich, Richard F.
Riley, Frederick Parker
Roulston, Charles S.
Rumney, Charles
Rumrill, Emerson M.
Russell, Ezra Flint
Salter, Alonzo L.
Seaver, Harley C.
Seaver, Henry T.
Shanahan, Timothy
Shannon, Michael
Sheldon, Hollis W.
Smith, Adin D.
Smith, Charles
Smith, Elliot W.
Smith, Levi
Smith, Peter
Sparrow, Bradford Polk
Spaulding, George Perham
Stearns, Lowell
Stiles, Ambrose A.
Stiles, Azro B.
Tasker, Charles
Taylor, Hiram
Tierney, Michael C.
Titus, Joseph L.
Titus, Melvin James
Titus, Morris P.
Towns, William J.
Tracy, John Jay
Tracy, William Carter
Udell, Engedi B.
Vaughan, Lewis Orlando
Wakefield, Leroy
Ward, Albert H.
Webster, John B.
Webster, Oramel
Wheeler, Ethan A.
Wheeler, Stillman C.
Wheeler, William R.
Whitcomb, Henry Philetus
Wilson, David
Wilson, Milo J.
Witherell, James D.
Woodbury, George
Wooster, Winfield Scott
Young, William P.

See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.