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4th Vermont Infantry

Personal Papers
The Henry B. Atherton Collection

Chester, Vt., 2 Nov., 1861

To: Captain Gove, 4th Regiment, Vt. V. M. (forwarded to Captain Atherton)

From: D. A. Sherwin, on behalf of the Selectman of Chester

Captain Gove, Dear Sir: I wish you to inform me by letter the receipt of this, whether you have a man in your company from this town by the name of Augustus B. Strong. There was a man by that name enlisted here from this town. He was enlisted by T. R. Clarke. Mr. Strong left a family here that is in need of help and his wife made an application to the selectmen for the seven dollars per month from this state. And they wrote an order on the State Treasurer for the same. The Treasurer then wrote back to me that his name was not on the roll; therefore we did not get the seven dollars per month. Now, if Mr. Strong is with you, I wish you to make out a certificate and forward it to me so that I may be able to get her seven dollars per month from the state for is service. By giving me the above information, You will confer a great favor. Very truly yours, --D. A. Sherwin for the Selectman of Chester.

[*Augustus B. Strong indeed was a soldier in Henry B. Atherton's company "C" of the 4th Vt. Regiment. Sadly, the family didn't receive much money from his pay, because the poor fellow died of disease in camp at Fortress Monroe, Virginia, 22 Dec., 1861 at the age of 19 years. Gus had a little daughter named Sarah, b. in Chester 22 July, 1860. She was raised by her stepfather, Ford S. Noyes of Andover, NH, who married Augustus' widow, Miriam Harriet (Kent) Strong. The family was poor-- proud and poor Vermont farmers, so many of the young man of the Civil War came from families like this.]

This document is from the Henry B. Atherton Collection, contributed by Linda M. Welch, genealogist and historian of southern Windsor County, Vermont towns. She has many more of these letters and is planning to publish a book in the near future which will include them all."