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4th Vermont Infantry

Personal Papers
The Henry B. Atherton Collection

Notes, letters and newpaper notices regarding "Underage" volunteers, required to get letters of consent from their parents or guardians to become soldiers. Some of them are just heart breaking when you look at how many of these young kids died in service, never to see their homes or families again. Typewritten annotations on the graphics are by Linda M. Welch, Dartmouth College.

Adams, John S.
Bates, Henry D.
Bryant, Amasa O.
Bryant, Lewis A.
Caswell, Edward R.
Cook, Jesse
Crosby, Philip W.
Dam, Charles A.
Dodge, Lorenzo A.
Fillebrown, Henry G.

Grimes, Franklin N.
Griswold, Leighton W.
Hancock, Erwin E.
Headle, Alphonzo E.
Hobson, William L.
Hubbard, Myron E.
Myrick, Marshall M.
Rhoads, Randall
Sexton letter, page 1
Sexton letter, page 2

Smith, Elliot W.
Smith, Hiland H.
Spaulding, George P.
Spaulding, Orlando C.
Stygles, Norman
Walker, Pliny P.
Wheeler, Daniel D.
Wilson, Thomas

These letters and documents are from the Henry B. Atherton Collection, contributed by Linda M. Welch, genealogist and historian of southern Windsor County, Vermont towns. She has many more of these letters and is planning to publish a book in the near future which will include them all."