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4th Vermont Infantry

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

COFFEY, Robert John (1842-1901)

Born 15 Dec 1842, Nova Scotia. Died 9 Jul 1901; buried Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier, VT. Sergeant, Co. K, 4th Vermont Infantry, credited to Montpelier. At Banks Ford, VA, on 4 May 1863 he "single-handedly captured 2 officers and 5 privates of the 8th Louisiana Regiment (C.S.A.)." Medal of Honor issued 13 May 1892. (NARA File: R&P 323887)

DRURY, James (1835-1919)

Born 15 Aug 1835, Ireland. Died 25 Dec 1919, Lovilia, IA; buried St. Peter's Cemetery, Lovilia, IA. Sergeant, Co. C, 4th Vermont Infantry, credited to Chester. At Weldon Railroad, VA, on 23 Jul 164, he "Saved the colors of his regiment when it was surrounded by a much larger force of the enemy and after the greater part of the regiment had been killed or captured." Medal of Honor issued 18 Jan 1893. (NARA File: R&P 169069)

HOOKER, George White (1838-1902)

Born 6 Feb 1838, Salem, NY. Died 6 Aug 1902; buried Fisk Family plot, Prospect Hill Cemetery, Brattleboro, VT. 1st Lieut., Co. E, 4th Vermont Infantry., credited to Boston, MA. At South Mountain, MD, on 14 Sep 1862, he "Rode alone, in advance of his regiment, into the enemy's lines, and before his own men came up received the surrender of the major of a Confederate regiment, together with the colors and 116 men." Medal of Honor issued 17 Sep 1891. (NARA File: H-1583-VS-1864)

RICH, Carlos H. (1841-1918)

Born 11 Feb 1841, Canada. Died 29 Mar 1918, Bennington; buried Roxbury Cemetery, Roxbury, VT. First Sergeant, Co. K, 4th Vermont Infantry, credited to Northfield, MA. At Wilderness, VA, on 5 May 1864, he "saved the life of an officer." Medal of Honor issued 4 Jan 1895. (NARA File: R&P 402755)

WHEELER, Daniel Davis (1841-1916)

Born 12 Jul 1841, Cavendish. Died 27 Jul 1916, Fredericksburg, VA; buried City Cemetery, Fredericksburg, VA. 1st Lieut., Co. G, 4th Vermont Infantry, credited to Cavendish. At Salem Heights, VA, on 3 May 1863, he exhibited "distinguished bravery in action where he was wounded and had a horse shot from under him." Medal of Honor issued 28 Mar 1892. (NARA File: W-121-VS-1869)

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