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4th Vermont Infantry


1861/08/24Robert B. Whitney was enlisted as a Private by Captain Henry Lyons Terry of the 4th Regiment at Rochester to serve for three years in the Civil War. (biography)
1861/09/21The Fourth Regiment, the first to be clothed in army blue, Mustered into service, left Brattleboro that evening and arrived at Washington forty-eight hours later (Crockett)
1862/01/17Philip Kranz was promoted to Corporal, Co. A, 4th VVI; he was later captured and incarcerated in Andersonville. (Andersonville Prison)
1862/01/22William Cune Holbrook, 1st LT, Co. F, 4th VVI, was promoted to Major and assigned to the field and staff of 7th VVI (7th Infantry)
1862/05/17Robert Whitney, 4th Regiment, was sent to Carver Hospital, DC, suffering from chronic diarrhea (biography)
1862/11/13Pvt Sylvester F. Briggs, Co. A, 4th VVI, died of disease; originally buried in Hagerstown, MD; reinterred at Antietam National Cemetery, MD (Cemetery database)
1863/05/03First Lieutenant Daniel D. Wheeler, Company G, 4th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)
1863/05/04Sergeant Robert J. Coffey, Co. K, 4th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)
1863/08/11Robert Whitney, 4th Regiment, received a pension "As a result of being disabled by chronic diarrhea and resulting disease of rectum; and rheumatism" from this date until his death. (more)
1863/09/13Cyrus Guernsey Pringle, a Quaker, was drafted. (Pringle)
1864/06/23Sergeant James Drury, Co. C, 4th VVI, was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on this date. (more)
1864/09/224th Regiment was engaged or present at Fisher's Hill, Va. (Battles)
1865/05/23Pvt George H. Tambling, Co. G, 4th VVI, died of disease. (Cemetery database)
1865/07/134th Regiment mustered out, having lost 12 Officers and 150 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 1 Officer and 279 Enlisted men by disease. Total 442. (Dyer)
1865/08/031LT William H. Humphrey, Co. G, 4th VVI, was discharged for wounds incurred at Petersburg on 2 Apr 1865 (4th Infantry)
1913/02/28William G. Pickett, 4th Regiment, a native of Liverpool, England, died at the home of his son after weeks of intense suffering. (Obituary)
1935/11/25Curtis Abbott, last known survivor of the 4th VT INF, died in Ashland, MA