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5th Vermont Infantry


Fifth Vermont, Deaths, December 1861


We clip the following from a letter to the Plattsburg, N.Y. Express. It is dated: Headquarters of the 5th Reg. Vt. Volunteers, Dec. 4:

Much anxiety seems to exist at the North regarding the sleeping accommodations of the soldiers. I will here mention they are good. Each man is provided with a “tick” which he fills with straw, hay, corn-husks, or other suitable material, and lies on this, while his cover consists of one woolen blanket, an India rubber blanket, and his over coat. With plenty of blazing pine in the “California stove” we manage to pass the cold nights very comfortably indeed. Most of us have our beds raised from the ground on poles, which, I think, has proved beneficial to the health of the regiment. We enjoy much better health now than when I last addressed you. As a safe-guard against smallpox the entire regiment has been vaccinated during the past week; and I understand those in the army who have not been vaccinated yet will be as fast as possible.

The following have died since the 10th, ult: Co. B; Lucius Sumner, of Middlebury, Jas. Shedrick, of Bristol, Asahel Lane, of Elizabethtown, N.Y.: Co. C.; Solomon Fushega, of Montgomery; Co.D; Franklin Baily and J. Pelch, of Wolcott; Co. F; David York, of Lincoln; Co. H. Buel J. Bump, of Brandon, Johnd Goodrich, of Orange, A. Steinhour of Ferrisburg; Co. I. Larkin Earle, of Mount Holly, Everett D. Green, of Richmond.

Submitted By: Deanna French