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5th Vermont Infantry

Song for Company I


We're marching on to meet the foe
We're sure to conquer them we know
Away Away Away Away
We fear not all their boasted might -
We dare defend our country's right
Away Away Away Away


We won't give up the union, Hurrah, Hurrah
We cling to all we love on earth-
The land, the land that gave us birth
Hurrah, Hurrah we won't give up the Union.
We bear our flag an emblem true
We ware the red, the white, the blue
And pledge ourselves with heart of hand
In this our country's cause to stand
Away Away Away Away


We swore the southern flag shall fall
While stars and stripes wave over all
And never shall collumbius sod
By Braver men than we be trod
Away Away Away Away


We'll have a glorious union yet -
In spite of all Jeff Davis set
And honest Abe is just the man
To rule the sons of Uncle Sam
Away Away Away Away


Then let us shout from shore to shore
Our country shall be free once more
Three cheers for all the noble free
And for the Union three times three
Away Away Away Away

Written for 5th VT Regt Co. I,
by Pvt Francis D. Hammond of Pawlet, VT

Contributed by his great-grandson, Charles Walter

Original handwritten document is in the possession of the
Pember Library and Museum in Granville, NY