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August 26, 1997

Dear Mr. Ledoux,

I have enclosed a lot of the letters and pictures I said I would send you. In the big envelope, there is two letters from Robert Pratt to his brother Sid. I also have some of his journal entries from 1862 and that letter about their part in the Siege of Petersburg.

Robert Pratt I see that you were in the Navy. I have been thinking about the Navy for about a couple of years. My dad was in the Navy during Vietnam, my grandpa and great-uncle were in WWII. My grandpa's plane went down and he was killed. I have many more relatives from other wars that were in the military.

You already know that Robert Pratt is my great-great grandfather. His nephew died in the Spanish American War. When my great-great grandpa was mayor of Minneapolis he erected a statue of his nephew in Minneapolis.

Overall, when I grow up, I would like to become a Civil War historian. I am interested in the battle of Fredericksburg. I am a big Civil War buff. I am 13 years old, yet I have the knowledge of the Civil War like a 9th to 11th grade history teacher. I would love to be so involved as you are.

I have been very interested in Vermont and the Civil War for about 5 years. We have a whole treasure chest full of diaries of Robert and Sidney Pratt from 1858-1869. We have a lot of letters to people from Robert from 1861 - 1865. We also have a real New York newspaper of when Lincoln was shot and killed. But the most interesting thing is the authentic Confederate money.

I forgot to tell you that Sidney Pratt was also in the 5th Vermont for a while. He's one of the reasons that Robert moved to Minnesota. Sidney had tuberculosis.

I also have the names of the privates of Company H of the 5th Vermont. I got the names out of a list of Company H from Robert Pratt's chest. He probably saved it over the years.

I hope you can move back to Vermont soon so you can expand this great project.



Robert Pratt, of Brandon.
Enlisted as a Private, 3 Sep 1861
Mustered in 16 Sep 1861
Co. H, 5th Infantry
Re-enlisted 15 Dec 1863
Promoted Corporal, Sergeant 1 Jul 1864
1st Lieutenant, Co. H, 10 Nov 1864
Captain, Co. F, 10 May 1865
Mustered out 29 Jun 1865.

Extracts from Robert Pratt's Journals

Robert Pratt's Correspondence during and after the war.

Photographs and Other Items from Robert Pratt's Chest

mature Robert Pratt
Robert Pratt
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