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5th Vermont Infantry


2nd-6th Regiments - AG65

5th Infantry - AG62

5th Infantry - AG62

5th Regiment - AG63

Additional Service of 5th Vermont Infantry soldiers

Barber, Sidney, biography

Battle of Savage's Station

Benedict, Chapter 9

Bradford, Dr. Philander, biography

Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)

Camp Life (Poem)

Casualties, May/June 1864 (Lamoille County soldiers)

Cedar Creek

Charles Collection

Company H, 5th Vermont, called to active service

Cooper Collection

Corps Badges

Davis, John T.

Fifth Regiment Band

Fifth Regiment, Deaths, December 1861

Flag Collection


Gibson Collection

Hammond, Francis, correspondence

Hammond, Francis, song

Hatch, Truman & Byron, biography

Hodge, Charles H., correspondence

How A Man Feels in Battle

Howard, William T., corps badge

ID Disks

Identification Disks

Italo Collection

Jones Collection

Lamoille County Casualties - May 1864

Marvin, Squire A.

National Soldiers Homes

New Colors for a Veteran Regiment

Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas

Petersburg, 1st Brigade Marker

Pratt, Robert, diary/correspondence


Proctor, "Old Charley"

Puffer, Asahel B., biography

Research Aids

Russinoff Collection

Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor

Smalley, Henry A., 5th Regiment, Report of 17 Apr 62 - AG64

Sullivan, John D., id disk

Tevyaw, William, Andersonville deposition

The Wilderness - Vermont's Bloodiest Day!

Tobin, John, biography

Tracy, William H., photo

Troops in the Field - AG64 (Sub-units)

Valentinetti Photo Collection

Vermonters buried at Cold Harbor

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Wilderness, Monument