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6th Vermont Infantry


Casper Honorus Dean (1841-1936)

Camp Near Harrison Landing, Va.
July the 18th, 1862

Father: Enclosed you will find an order of 10 dollars on the state treasury given to me by Anson Hier for $10.00 in money. I shall not write as long a letter this time because I do not feel well for the last 8 days, but am feeling better now. Have had pretty hard run of diarhea and some fever, but not much. Do not think that I shall be sick nor do I think I shall suffer any because we are encamped where we shall not have to be moving around a great deal. Your letters have been received up to July 4th, also the postage stamps. Your letter of the 4th inst. made me feel very bad because mother is so unwell and you all worrying about me so much. I should feel a great deal better of mother's health was good and you all in good spirits.

Should enjoy a soldier's life better nevertheless I love to hear the truth about you at home. How sick is mother and what is the trouble with her? Tell her she suffers a great deal more than I do. Soldiering is not bad after all. When the time comes that I can get a furlough, I will get one if the war is near to a close.

The weather is very warm indeed. Can hardly stand it to go out and stay long. Capt Geo. Parker came to the company by last Sabbath. We were all glad to have him take command of us again.

The Monkton boys with us are well. Joseph Hayes is in Washington. Have you heard from him lately? Do you know how J.P. Roscoe is? Have not heard from him in sometime. Will answer your inquiries when I get tough again.

What did the cheese cost that you are going to send me? Please write often while mother is sick and I will do the same.

Yours Most Respectfully,
C. H. Dean
To C. S. Dean

Camp Near James River,
July 18th, 1862

Father: If you receive this in season to send a few more articles. A friend of mine would like to have you buy some things and send in a box. He will pay me what it costs you. Please tell me the cost of the different articles that you buy. Also the freight on the box. He wishes for one 8 lb. box of figs, 5 lbs. of maple sugar and 5 lbs. of cheese. Send me 2 bottles of strong beer. I think that it will be healthy. Send about 8 lbs. figs and a few oranges. Also a little honey if you have it. If it is to much trouble for you to send the things mentioned in this letter, you may leave them out. I send 5 dollars in this letter a part which will be to pay for my friends' stuff. Please write soon.

Yours Most Hastily,

C.H. Dean

To C.S. Dean

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Source: Photographs and letters courtesy of Alden Dean, Casper and Martha's great-grandson.