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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

From Frederick Kimball's Scrapbook
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Losses in the Fourth Regiment.

Below we give the Report of Colonel Stoughton to Adj. Gen. Washburn, of the casualties of the 4th Vermont Regiment at Fredericksburg:

Dec. 16, 1862.

General: The 1st Vermont has again participated in action, and again distinguished itself for gallantry and courage. They lay on the South bank of the Rappahannock, and though unsuccessful in the result of the fight, or partially so, behaved as well as men could. The 2d and 4th suffered most, losing about equally. Inclosed is a list of the casualties of the Fourth:

Killed, 11
Wounded, 43
Missing, 2

One of the missing has been brought in to us by the enemy-probably, corporal Bigelow, Co. A.

I was not with the regiment during all the action, as I had just returned from Washington. They were commanded by Lieut. Col. Foster, who behaved most nobly, as did all the officers and men not only of the 4th, but of the whole brigade. They were commanded by Colonel Whiting.

My colors are completely riddled canister and musket balls, scarcely hanging together. The top of the staff, upon which is a brass eagle, was shot away,-The color-bearer behaved finely, and when wounded, corporal Shay of Co. B, took the colors and carried them. Two were wounded in the 4th by a shell.

With much respect, your ob't serv't,
Colonel 4th Infantry.

P. T. Washburn,
Adj. and Insp. Gen., State of Vt.


John H Minott,Bennington,Co. A
Lewis A Davis,Whittingham,"
Serg't Chas Cleveland,Royalton,B
Edward E Sprout,Norwich,"
R A Breck,Topsham,"
Henry C Johnson,Vershire,"
Captain Geo W Quimby,Barton,D
N R Moulton,Sutton,"
Tyler H Joy,Winchester,F
Roswell R Dearborn,E Montpeller,G
Joel Bruce,Calais,"


Serg't Chas G Cole,Bennington,A
Michael Martin,""
Corporal Phillip Krange,""
Richard Richardson,""
J D Martin,""
Corporal S Courier,Bloomfield,B
Rufus R Haywood,Lyndon,"
Geo W McAllister,Washington,"
Serg't R W Walbridge,Brookfield"
John W Bliss,Chelsea,"
Louis L Clark,Williamstown"
Chester M Clark,""
Allen H Hopson,Norwich,"
Willis P Durkee,Barre,"
W C Wilson,Williamstown,"
Michael Mallery,Strafford,"
Ed Mayette,Williamstown,"
Chas A Sargeant,Norwich,"
Cyrus S Whitcomb,Vershire,"
Wm Hindreth,Greensboro,D
Jesse D Rowell,Brighton,"
M Colby,Sutton,"
Milton S Allen,color-bearer,E
Timothy Kaley,Royalton, slightly,"
Myron C Chapman,Grafton,F
Albert A Graves,Brattleboro,"
Oliver Pease,Townshend,"
H G Holden,Brookline,"
Phineas Bemis,Athens, slightly,"
Serg't Wm H McAlister,Stowe,G
Herman O Kent,Montpelier,"
Nathaniel Robinson,Marshfield,"
Fred W Fisk,Cabot, slightly,"
Wm H Nunn,Danville,H
Serg't Wm W Pierce,Londonderry,I
Corp. Geo C Haywood,Jamaica,"
Geo T Abbott,Londonderry,"
Israel Stowe, Jr.,Halifax,"
Rodolphus Clement,Greensboro,"
Samuel B Ray,Jamaica,"
Geo E Buckley,Woodford,"
Lemuel Laird,Woodbury"
John D Whitney,Halifax,"


Corp. Alonzo Bigelow,Bennington,A
Wm H Roberts,Putney,F



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