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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

March 1 - No inspection today on account of the rain. Clears off in the PM. Have a good friendly talk with Alex & Oliver. Read a book entitled The Maniac's Secret or Privateer of Mass Bay. An interesting story. Detailed for Brigade Guard for tomorrow.

March 2 - Go on Brigade Guard at 9AM. This is my first experience as Officer of the day. Have a pleasant time. The day is clear. There are eleven prisoners in the Guard House, taken for desertion. Some fine looking fellows. Sorry they have taken such a misstep. My Non Com Officers are from Co. C.

March 3 - Relieved from Guard this 9AM by a detail from the 26th N.J. Have a brigade review by Col. Grant. Gen. Howe reviews our brigade also. A good deal of maneuvering. Smart game of foot ball. Receive a letter from Aunt Mary & cousin Leucretia.

March 4 - Brigade drill on the plain near Mrs. Ball's, a confederate widow. Cold & windy.

March 5 - Inspection this AM by the inspecting officer, rigid. Receive some papers by mail. Brigade drill. Cold

March 6 - Read Morgan, the knight. Very windy, cloudy. A little warmer. Dress parade. Get my boots after so long a time-been on the way about a month. They are not a good fit. The legs are so small.

March 7 - Read "The Cruiser of the English Channel." Visit friends in the 3d regt. The regiment being on picket. Tis very quiet in camp. We game at foot ball some. Why don't I hear from home?

March 8 - All still. Read. Write & thus pass the day. Would that I might attend church again as I used to & listen to a good sermon-but this great privilege is denied me while in the army. Receive a letter from my mother & one from friend Chase. Write home. Some of our officers are having a drink. I dont delight in such times, yet they try to have me join-I spurn it.

March 9 - Rain nights & pleasant days. This has been the order for a number of days. Beautiful day. Write cousin Leucretia P. May I have strength to resist temptation. Receive a letter from father & answer it. Ever praise thee O God!

March 10 - One year ago this very day we bade adieu to Camp Griffin & took up our line of march toward the unknown future. Little did we dream of was before us; the long & wearisome marches, perils & battles. The time has gone fast, yet to look back it seems a long while. The year is full of warlike events. Receive a letter from Lt. Ira. Write to friend Abel Chase.

March 11 - Detailed with a fatigue party. Lt. Butterfield is with me. We go out at 7 1/2 AM & work about two miles from camp-getting our timber for building _____________. Get back at 5PM tired & with a good appetite for supper. We had a detail of fifty men.

March 12 - Cold. Brigade drill this PM. The wind high. The men that went home on furlough fifteen days ago have returned. Presidents proclamation letting deserters return by the 1st of April without punishment.

March 13 - Cold & snowy. Capt. Dwinell starts for home on a leave of absence. I would like to have gone with him, but cannot now. Inspection. Brigade drill. Visit the evening with some of the officers along the line. Read the Herald, but nothing of importance. The whole army is doing but little now.

March 14 - Nothing of note. John Bumps a private in Co. D has died. He had the small pox & then the lung fever. There are other cases.

March 15 - Write home & also Capt. Dwinell. Send him an order to get me a saber & belt, hat & valise. ____ him an order of $50.00. Write Sue. Four long weeks have passed since the date of her last to me. Why don't I hear from my darling girl? Is she sick or what can be the trouble? In my anxiety I fancy every evil. I must hear from her soon.

March 16 - Ground covered this morning with sleet & snow. Day pleasant. Read some books & papers I borrow from the Chaplain. Ah! No letter from Sue this mail. What shall I do?

March 17 - Pleasant. At 21/2PM the Brigade was paraded to hear the sentences of some deserters. Four of them were of our company. They were hard-to lose-all pay & serve at hard labor the remainder of their term of service upon fortifications with ball attached to their ankles. Deserters must suffer. No letter this mail.

March 18 - Pleasant & cold. Brigade drill. Detailed for picket tomorrow for three days.

March 19 - Go on picket for three days. Capt. Randall & Lt. Joslyn are the other officers. Col. Tuttle has resigned on acct. of ill health & before we left this morning bade us good bye with some passing remarks. We deeply regret to loose him. A kind & brave officer.

March 20 - On picket. Yesterday was cold & stormy & today it snows-rough for picketing. No mail to get today. Remain on the reserve. Oh my darling Sue. Is there not still time?

March 21 - Today I go onto the outposts. Thar forty men & four noncommissioned officers-have ten posts. Send a man to camp to get me some rations & mail if I have any. Thank heaven I get a letter from Sue & also two from home & a speech made in congress. Rains most all day.

March 22 - Return to camp at 12PM---had a rough time. Happy to meet Rev. Stone in camp, just from Vermont. He preached to the regt. this PM. It recalled to mind by gone days when I used to hear him every Sabbath. It awakened serious & sad feelings. He leaves soon. Have dress parade. The clouds scatter & the sun again appears to rejoice us.

March 23 - Considerable excitement among the officers of the regt. in regards to the majority. Capt. Crandall has got the appointment & many are dissatisfied. I am willing to abide by the judgement of the Col. Inspection this PM by Capt. Brown. Receive a letter from my dear friend A. H. Probably friend Capt. Carl is in the height of enjoyment.

March 24 - I like Capt. Crandall. I drill the company from 10 to 11AM. Also have command of the company on brigade drill & dress parade. Lt. B is lame in one foot & Capt. complained of indisposition. Write home. Write Sue and tell her some as I feel. Tonight it rains. I scarce know what to think of Sue-can it be she is growing cold-Oh! no no

March 25 - Day Pleasant. Write my dear friends. Brigade drill in the PM. Dress parade.

March 26 - Nothing of interest. Receive a standard. One year ago today we were encamped near Newport News. Went on a reconnasance. I remember well of gathering wild flowers. Last spring was earlier than this. Have a game of ball. We have a new surgeon.

March 27 - A very fine day-clear & beautiful. Have an interesting game of baseball. Battalion drill. Balloon up-view it through a field glass. Dress Parade. Receive from the Treasurer a bill of my allotted pay $180.

March 28 - Rained during the night & sunny all day. Tis lonesome indeed. Visit the boys in Co. D. Expect Carl back tonight. Read & pass the time. When we come to march, officers can have only shelter tents & there is to be two Jack mules to a regt. to carry them. The mail brings me a letter from my darling Sue.

March 29 - Day pleasant. Inspection. Write my beloved Sue. Capt. Dwinell returns-happy to see him. He brings me sabre, valise, etc. Drunkeness in camp. O deliver me from this baneful vice. Receive a letter from Cousin Leucretia.

March 30 - Detailed to be officer of the day. Today have the whole charge of the camp. Keep peace. Have the grounds policed up. A great game of bound ball. The 5th have challenged our boys at a game of ball. Am sorry our boys got beat. We mean to redeem it in a few days.

March 31 - Relieved this morning as officer of the day by Lt. Raistrick. Last night it snowed about 3 inches & then turned to rain & tis rainy all day. Work at making quarterly returns of the Co. Tis a good work. Last night I received a kind letter from my sister & A. H. & this evening commence reply.

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