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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Letter to the Editor

From the Eleventh Regiment.

Aperill 16, 1863

Frend url,-i set miself down 2 rite u a fue linds 2 let u no that we ar all well, & hope they will find u enjoyin the same Jod's blessin. i never rote ennything to B printed in a paper, and i don't want u 2 go & print this, cause i am awfull bashfull and shouldn't not like 2 see my name in print. i am going 2 rite u a little histry of what the bluddy leventh is and sumthing bout sum of their offsers. i will speek of 1 of the captins 1st. he sed he hoped peas would B declard in 6 weeks & the leventh wood hev 2 stay at this 4t their 3 yeres out ; sum 1 sujjested that we mite B ordurd 2 the frunt b4 long ; he sed if we was he shood resine his commisshun. Rite smart capting I reckun. our major is a bullly feller ; the small poks broke out in company A a short time sense & the major was ni skaret 2 deth ; he cent for the serjen 2 cum & knoockerlate him ; he cum & stuck his nife in2 his arm & the currayjus cuss fanted away ; woodent he gane a name in battle that wood tel in histry. We hev gut sum offsers as is offsers, 2 or 3 purhaps that doant drink moren haff a gallon of sperrits a day ; i doant no as i 0 2 say so mutch about mi offsers, but i think they knead a little rebuking, & i doant no of ennyboddy moar caperble of doin it in a weigh not 2 offend bettern i do.

Aperill twenti4

it aint 2 B eckspected that a souljer can rite a very long letter in 1 day.-sense i rote the 4 goin we hev bin away from here. last mundy morning we wer ordurd 2 march, sow we sholedurd our nappsaxe and started for the sitty ; we wer halted about a mild this side of the sitty whare we took up our quarters; we stade there 2 days and then wer ordurd back to 4t Slokum where we in10d 2 stay out our time out, unless we are ordurd 2 march agin B4. there was not nothing of importants happened while we was gone exceptin when we was cuming back ; there was A drunken fellar who blonged 2 the seckund districk volunteers i gess. he ketched the majer's hoss by his tale and cum pooty Nye pullin it out, & i gess it skaret him-the majer-sum, for he lookt awfool pail. i eckspected 2 see him hitt the impurturnent skamp over the hed with his sord, but he didunt make enny such demonstrashuns. i see that my spase will knot alow me 2 rite mutch more, sow i will wind up by sain that i will rite agin soon as git enny moar nuse 2 rite.

ure most ob't servunt,

Biographical extract:

Sargent, Alonzo B. (1833-1899)

Born: 9 Aug 1833, Irasburg VT, son of Moses and Sally (George) Sargent
Early Life: shoemaker Irasburg 1850-60
War Service: PVT Co. F 11th VT INF 1 Sep 1862, m/o 24 Jun 1865
Later life: custom shoemaker and market gardener, Albany VT (1880-87)
Married: 8 Jan 1855, Betsey Leet
Died: 14 Sep 1899, Irasburg; interment in Village Cemetery
(Source: Vermont Civil War Dictionary, publication pending late 2009)



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