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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Letter to the Editor

From the Sixth Regiment

[The following is an extract from a private letter written to Wm. R. Stiles, of Albany, by his son O. T. Stiles, who has often been a welcome visitor to our columns-ED.]

May 7th, 1863

I suppose that you have heard long ere this that the army under Hooker has moved, and of course feel anxious about us. I wrote you once since we started and let you know that we were all safe.-The second day of May we crossed the Rappahannock about sunset and lay in line of battle in front of the rebels. We were called up at one o'clock in the morning, and about daylight marched around near the city of Fredericksburg and the ball opened; the cannonading and musketry firing was kept up all the forenoon without anything decisive on either side. But this was not long to remain so; accordingly it was agreed to by the generals to charge on the fortifications and drive them out, and capture all that we could. Our line was about two miles long, and a more magnificent looking sight mortals never looked upon-to see them smove on undaunted by the terrific fire from the rebel guns, the old flag still bore on. We had a level plain to cross at least one mile wide and then a steep hill to climb, and then we were upon their stronghold that has so long been a disputed point between the north and south.



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