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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection


NEAR FUNKSTOWN, Md., July 12, 1863

There is at this moment no indication of a fight. The opinion is gaining ground that the greater portion of Lee's army has escaped into Virginia, and that in our onward march towards Williamsport and Hagerstown we shall find nothing but a rear guard, which the rebel general may be disposed to sacrifice rather than risk his whole army in another engagement. Lee's army, is very rapidly becoming scattered and demoralized. The men are difficult to retain in hand, and will not fight like the soldiers of a victorious army.

The forces of general Meade are being daily augmented by the arrival of fresh troops, and the army with which he fought at Gettysburg is gradually accumulating rest as well as strength. The longer Gen. Meade waits before he strikes, provided he keeps within striking distance, the better prepared will he be to win another glorious victory. Once across the Potomac, and it becomes a question of legs as to which army secures the advantage ; but as Gen. Meade has the inside track there need be no fear, I think, of his failure to be at the proper point at the proper time.

In the severe skirmishing of Friday July 10, when the rebels were driven from Benevola to Funkstown, by the Vermont brigade, all of our force was engaged. This gallant brigade had the whole front, extending nearly three miles, and fought with great gallantry. It is composed of men who are notorious for pluck and endurance, and have the reputation of always going when they are told and staying where they are put.

The following is a complete list of the casualties in this brigade on Friday :

2d DIVISION, 6th CORPS, JULY 10, 1863

[Webmaster's note: whether from a faulty list, or typesetting errors, there are several incorrect names in this listing; the correct names are included in brackets; in addition, casualties from the 5th and 6th regiments are incorrectly listed under the 5th regiment; Kimball lined through 5th and wrote 6th, but did not indicate the specific discrepencies; those listed in red are actually 5th regiment soldiers; finally, the total number of casualties listed is 58 not 59]



Corporal Walter Hurd, co. K.


Corporal Wm. J. Elmer, co. K, slightly.
John Comstock, co. K, slightly.
John Crosby, co. I, severely.
Geo. M. Colt, co. I [C], severely.
First Lieutenant Eben N. Dany [Drury], co. K, slightly.
Second Lieutenant Henry Connelly [Correll], co. K, slightly.



John Cuthbert, co. F.


Sergeant T. F. Leonard, co. F, hip, slightly,
Noble [Alvah] G. Page, co. F, thigh, slightly.
Corporal A. W[B]. Jones, co. D, neck and chin, badly.
Alonzo D. Parker, co. I, shoulder, severely.



George W. Ball, co. D.


Col. Charles B. Stoughton, over right eye, severely.
Lieutenant W. H. Martin, co. A, neck, slightly.
Sergeant Alonzo Bigelow, co. A, chest.
Henry H. Bel[l]amy, co. A, mortally, since dead.
Stephen A. Capron, co. A, thigh, mortally.
George B. Godfrey, co. A, hand.
Barney Divine [Devine], co. A, arm.
Clark Bartlett, co. A, leg.
Sergeant Rodney Waldridge, co. B, side.
L. C. Griswold, co. C, foot.
Sergeant F[T]. W. Griffin, co. D, face.
W. J. Cutting, co. D, leg and hand.
Corporal Owen Burl [Burt], co. D, shoulder.
M. H. Bartlett, co. D, thigh, mortally.
Jas. Clark, co. D, arm slightly.
John Ives, co. D, leg.
S. B. Roger[s], co. D, hand.
Israel Strater [Joel Streeter], co. D, face.
S. H. Dunn [Dow], co. D, face.
J.A. Taylor, co. D, groin, mortal.
Lyman German [Leon Gorman], co. D, shoulder.
Corporal Charles Chapin, co. F, foot, severely.
Henry M. Currier, co. H, leg.
C. H. Hull [Hall], co. I. hand.



Nelson C. Ross [Cross], co. C.
Sergeant Joseph N. Leonard, co. E.

Sergeant Moses Abbott, Co. D.
Geo. M. Partridge, co. D.
Francis Murray, co. E.
W. P. Craig, co. G.


Corporal Rosewell Robinson, co. A, ankle.
John Lesee, co. A, hand.
Peter Delphy, co. B, arm.
Sergeant Jos. Demars, co. E, hand.
Corporal Gustavus Perkins, co. G, foot.
Jas. R. Martin, co. I arm.

Second Lieutenant Fred. Kimball, co. G, thigh, slightly.
Sergeant E. E. Brunaugh [Burroughs], co. G, head, slightly.
Corporal John Devere [Divine], co. G, head, slightly.
John P[H]. Hunter, co. G, knee.
Sergeant J. F. Bounsley [Brownlee], co. F, severely.
Patrick Carney, co. F. hand.
John Eagan, co. F, hand.
Jas. Carson [Caton], co. F, knee,
Matthew Fannon [Nathan Hannon], co. F, side.
John Kelley, co. F, thigh.
Sergeant Wm. Green, co. K, hip, badly.
Martin P. Sockey [Lackey], co. K, abdomen.
Jas. Judd, co. K, temple.
Jas. [Joseph] Peno, co. K, both legs.
Jas. [Joseph] Salisbury, co. K, leg.
Wm[H]. H. McGuire, co. D, thigh.
Alonzo Priest, co. D, temple
F. Gabaree, co. K, leg.


Wounded59 [58]