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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

Aug 1 - Get up town & look a bit. Ride this PM. Call on Martha Dalton & then up to Parish - O yes. We go up to Mr. Hardys to, have a nice time.

Aug 2 - Attend Church

Aug 3 - I have a but little to fill up the lines of my diary these days.

Aug 4 - Go to the Landing tonight with Jeff. See Josie - sick

Aug 5 - Returned from Landing this morning.

Aug 6 - My leave of absence is expired & I get it continued 30 days.

Aug 7 - Go to Barton.

Aug 8 - This morning I start for a visit to Cabot & Peacham. I reach my darling Sue at 11AM. Can it be I have been at home so long & not seen her, the girl I love so well, but my wounded limb prevented me from enjoying thy society so long.

Aug 9 - Sue, thou art dearer to me than all the world beside. Crowd as much enjoyment into the space of one visit as possible. We attend Church in the PM. Form new acquaintances & pleasant ones. My own darling Sue.

Aug 10 - Carry Sue to her school in Peacham & then visit with my Aunt Mary & family.

Aug 11 - With my aunts people today. The Marsh girls come up & we have a good visit.

Aug 12 - Today I call on the cousin Merrill's & time with the Marsh's. And in the PM I go to make my last visit for the time withy my own dear Sue. After school we go to her boarding place & have a happy visit. My Sue.

Aug 13 - After carrying Sue to her school I depart for home via St. Johnsburg. Make a few purchases in St. J. Take dinner & then start for G. Arrive at 5PM. Celia Williams has died since I left here. She suffered much. Find 10 letters at home for me. Warm

Aug 14 - Mother is in feeble health.

Aug 15 - Dull indeed. Go to Barton

Aug 16 - Attend Church all day. Write my Sue. Heaven bless thee darling Sue.

Aug 17 - Meet with friend Grant Capt. 1st Cavalry. Have a fine visit. He & I will go to Newport tonight & tomorrow go ____ on the Boat. Arrive at Newport 10PM.

Aug 18 - At 7AM we leave Newport for "Owls Head." Arrive at 8AM. Pass the day very pleasantly. Leave for Newport at 5PM. Pass the night at the Magog House. Bisbee comes in & we talk over old times.

Aug 19 - Come to Irasburg with Bisbee. Attend convention. Speeches from Hon. Portus Baxter. Meet many whom I knew in other days - A Chase. Spoke with Portus Baxter M. C.

Aug 20 - Dear little girl is sick with the diptheria. Go to Barton. Get a surgeons certificate & send to the Adjutant General.

Aug 21 - Dull music

Aug 22 - Go to Peacham & from there to Cabot. My heart is happy only with my darling Sue. I find true happiness in the society of Sue & Sue alone. Sue thou art all to me.

Aug 23 - Today I am with my Sue at the Deacons. Attend Church in the PM.

Aug 24 - This morning I carry Sue to her school in Peacham only for her to close it & return with me. We are making plans for a ride to Lake Magog.

Aug 25 - Rains today & we have to delay another day for our ride. A gloom pervades to morning air, And we suspend our ride. Still I find highest pleasure here. By my own Susie's side.

Aug 26 - At 11AM Mr. Burbank & wife, Abbie, Sue & Ego start at Glover & take tea with my folks. Start from there & arrive at Newport at 9PM. Have a pleasant ride. Ay more than pleasant.

Aug 27 - At 7AM we take passage upon the "Mountain Maid." Have a delightful ride upon the beautiful lake and disembark at the Mountain House where we pass the day in a most happy manner. All but Sue & I go onto Owls Head. We remained because I am lame. Take the boat at 7PM for Newport.

Aug 28 - Today we retun to Cabot. Stop at Glover take dinner with Mrs K. Arrive at Deacon H at dark & we all a good deal tired. Still I lived in the enjoyment of the present. My happiness is centered all in thee my darling Sue. I love thee dearere than life.

Aug 29 - Got off 3 letters. Return home this PM having been gone a week & never did I pass a week happier. Twas full of happiness & enjoyment.

Aug 30 - I hear all kinds of reports on reaching home. That I am married ha ha. What fools there are. Got an extension of my leave of absence. Attend Church this PM.

Aug 31 - How dull - all day pass the time as well as possible. Write Cousin Creti.

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Diaries transcribed by Frederick's 2nd great-grandson.