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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

Oct 1 - In the morning I go over to the store & see T.C. & Ben. Have a fine visit. In the PM Hazen's wife Sue & I come over to N.Y. & see the reception of the Russian Navel Officers by the City Military. Broadway was a dense throng - many thousand

Oct 2 - Visit many noted places in the city.

Oct. 3 - Sue & I visit Wm Perry, her cousin, who is sick in the hospital in the city. Take diner at Powers Hotel. Have some Photographs made at Bogardus. Go T.C's at tea & we all go to the Theater in the evening. Lee Booth play a Shakesperian drama.

Oct 4 - We were at T.C's last night. Attend Kellock's Church in the morning. In the afternoon Hazen comes over with a carriage & takes us to visit Central Park. Tis a splendid thing. In a few years twill rival the world.

Oct 5 - Today we do some shopping - for tomorrow I start for the army & Sue returns home. Ah, must it be - we must part. May God bring me back to my own dear wife in safety. Its hard to part with one so near & dear to me, but I must go & trust in Heaven.

Oct 6 - Alas this is a sad day to me. At 8AM my darling wife leaves for her early home in Vermont & I am left to go another way alone. I go to join the Army. Darling Sue good bye. I remain in the city till 7 oclock PM when I leave for Washington. All day I feel lonely & sad. Why do I go. I am unable for duty.

Oct 7 - At 7AM find myself in Washington after a night ride. Go at the Avenue House. I get tired of Washington. Tis a miserable place. Visit Capt. J.H. Spencer of the Signal Corps, an old school mate. Write home & Sue, or write to my Parents & my wife.

Oct 8 - Do some shoping - Such prices. I will get out of Washington today. Rainy. Leave W at 2PM & Alexandria at 3PM for Culpeper: arrive at 8PM lame & tired.

Oct 9 - Slept last night in an old freight car, cold. Go out to Mitchell Station this morning on the cars & there wait till a train comes down from the Brigade so I can ride up. Ben Squares comes down & I go up with him 4 miles. The Brigade is on the very front picketing.

Oct 10 - Lame enough. Glad to meet the Boys & they seem glad to see me. The Col says I had better not come on while I am so lame, I wait to be well & be with my Regt. The troops are all packed up today for a move. Three months ago today I was wounded.

Oct 11 - Last night at 8PM I took an ambulance & road all night. The whole army is falling back toward Washington. Today we keep on the move. Cross the Rappahannock. The Rebel Cavalry are following up & our Cavalry fight & repulse them.

Oct 12 - O dear! I get so tired & lame riding in an ambulance. Charles Perry & Wright Carpenter are both in the Ambulance Corps. I guess W is a good fellow. Hope so for Abbies sake. I still ride on. We are on the move most all the time night & day.

Oct 13 - I cant see why I came back so lame as I am. Shall be obliged to go to a hospital & I dread it the hardest kind. O could I be with my darling wife. Why did I leave when I was so unable for duty when I could remain with her so well, but I felt anxious to get to my regiment.

Oct 14 - We were hauled along most all night till 3AM when we took an old freight car at Bristow Station & told we were going to be sent to Washington. We got in W & direct I go to the Avenue House where I get some breakfast. Had scarce anything to eat for 3 days. Here I am in the Seminary Hospital Georgetown D.C.

Oct 15 - Two years ago this day I was mustered into the United States Service. Twas a proud day. Now I am an inmate of a hospital - comfortable as can be expected, but I feel bad. O could I be well. Write six letters, including one to Sue. Rainy this PM.

Oct 16 - Last night Dr. Ducachet Surgeon in Charge called for me & after examining my case tells me I must be discharged. That I will not be fit for duty with my Regt. for a year. I feel bad. It seems as though I could not have it so. But if I must go. I must. Shall I try & get into the Invalid Corp - Write my wife & my Colonel. Tired anyway but at ease. Would I were well & with my Regt.

Oct 17 - Visited today Friend Stuart in the Medical Director Office. He told me my discharge had gone past there. Also visit & take ____ with Capt. Spencer of the Signal Corps. Am anxious to hear from my Col & to get letters from home. Have not heard for a long time.

Oct 18 - Tis lonely enough. For the first time in my life I have a feeling of homesickness. Am in such suspence. Hope to get into the Invalid Corps. Three weeks ago this day was my wedding day. Happy day. Oh I am blessed with a lovely wife, so good, so true, so noble.

Oct 19 - Get a pass at 10AM & go to town, Washington. Visit the Smithsonian Institute & Patent Office Department. See a thousand & one wonders. Get completely tired out when I get back to the hospital at 4PM. I did to much for one day. Lame enough. Write a letter to Sergt. Burleson.

Oct 20 - Tired of life like this - an inmate of a hospital. Am anxious to hear from my letter. Walk up to the Reservoir. Tis a very sightly place. With a glass overlooked all Georgetown & off into Va as far as possible. Get tired enough when I get back. Write Capt. Davis & my wife my darling wife - my Sue.

Oct 21 - Go up to the Georgetown Cemetery in the morning. Tis a beautiful place. So well laid out. Visit the National Capitol in the PM & look over its massive structure. Tis immense. Fall in with Capt Dye & Capt Hill - ride around

Oct 22 - I am not pleased with the removal of Rosecrans at all. Notice the arrival of the rebel steamer Alice at St. George's, upon which my bother is. No other intelligence of importance. Write Father & Jeff. Why don't the mail bring me letter from Sue? Not one word have I heard since leaving her. What can be the matter?

Oct 23 - Received a letter today from Major Austin. All day the time goes wearily by. Go down to town. Get my ordance all squared up. No letter from Sue tonight. Why don't I get a message from my darling wife? I am so anxious - so long have I waited.

Oct 24 - My discharge is presented me this morning so I am but a humble citizen of Vt & not a U.S. Officer. I shall get in the Invalid Corps if possible. My discharge is honorable on account of wounds received in battle. After much "red tape" through the different war Depts I get my pay in full with mileage in all $441.65. At last I get letters from my Sue, Father, & Mr. Baxter. Write to my dear wife & send $20.00.

Oct 25 - This morning I write Father, smoke a segar & now I think of attending Church. Attend the Methodist Church. A good meeting & interesting. At 3PM the Hospital Chaplain holds a meeting & I give attendance. Write Sue a very long letter & send another $20.00. Shall be anxious to hear of their safe arrival.

Oct 26 - Settle up my accounts with the Ordance Dept-(this was crossed out) I have nothing to write today.

Oct 27 - Hear from my Col & now make my application for the Invalid Corp. My papers are all right. I work hard to get my application before Col Rush. not succeed

Oct 28 - Call on Col Rush again to press my case. Hope to succeed in getting an appointment, though there are two thousand applications before mine. I get a pass & go to Gainsvill Station tonight on my way to visit the army once more & settle up some accounts Oct 29 - Found last night at the station John & ___ Stone & Lt. Clark - remained with them over night. Today I ride in a mule train to my Regt. in Warrenton Va, 12 miles from the Station. Fell well played out at night. Glad to see the boys again. Capt Dwinell, Lt Nye & others.

Oct 30 - Have an ambulance ordered to take me to the Station - 12 miles. We join a train that is going with a guard. Before I left I got a letter of recommendation from Col. Grant. We have a rough time of it in getting to Washington. Got in about midnight.

Oct 31 - Call at the Bureau of the Invalid Corps & find that I am all right, that my application has already gone to the war dept for approval. If I receive it, I can but thank Heaven. Do some shopping. Have made up my mind to come home at all events & at 6PM take the night train for New York.

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