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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

Nov 1 - Arrive in New York at 8ŻAM . Train was behind time. Go to Lovejoy's Hotel. By the way in my carelessness I leave my rubber coat. In the PM call on T.C. & wife I then we go over to Hazen's. See Ben. I remain with them all night.

Nov 2 - Do some shopping in the morning. Get me an overcoat. See the boys at the store & at 2PM I start on the train for Springfield where I arrive at 8PM. Stop at the Russell House.

Nov 3 - At 8AM I am on my way again for home. Am impatient to reach there. Time goes slow. Arrive at St. Johnsburg at 5PM & take the stage for Cabot where after a hard & tiresome ride, I arrive at 10PM at Father Hoyts & if ever one was glad to reach home twas me. Sue had started for Glover, but we got her back. She was going to remain at the village over night.

Nov 4 - Again I am with my friends, my own darling wife. Happy am I today. I met mother Hoyt unwell. Sue, my darling wife I am with thee once again. Write home to mother & to cousin Hazen of N.Y.

Nov 5 - We make preparations for visiting Glover friends. Write Ira McClary.

Nov 6 - Sue & I leave the Dea's at 10ŻAM for Glover where we arrive at 4PM at my Father's house. The roads are bad. Glad to meet my parents once more. Mother has been unwell quite.

Nov 7 - I go over the village a little this forenoon. The villager's are all the same as in days of yore. They change only to grow old. This evening Ed Carson & wife come from Peacham & stop with us overnight.

Nov 8 - A little snowy this morning. In the afternoon Sue & I attend Mr. Scott's Church.

Nov 9 - Visit Barton this PM & some friends. The mail tonight brings me an appointment from the President of the United States as Lt. in the Invalid Corps. I am to report to Washington immediately. I can but feel that I have met with great success.

Nov 10 - See Col. Grant of Barton on special business. Shall delay going to W - for one day.

Nov 11 - Cold & windy. Go to Barton this evening to attend a Masonic Lodge. I have never pened before that I am a Master Mason yet tis true.

Nov 12 - This morning Sue & I start for Cabot. Arrive at the Deacons at 1PM. Chilly riding. I visit as fast as I can with all for in the morning I start for Washington. Depart to the Provost Martial General for duty in the I.C.

Nov 13 - Ride in the stage from Cabot to St. Johnsburg. There take the cars for Brattleboro, where I arrive at 3PM. See Major Austin & do my business, ready to go on. Twas hard to part with my darling wife, my Sue, though I hope to be where she can be with me. Write Sue.

Nov 14 - At 9AM start on my again for the "seat of war." Arrive in New York at 6PM & leave for Washington at 7Ż oclock where we arrive at 8AM in the morning tomorrow.

Nov 15 - This morning I find myself again in the National Capital & again hundreds of miles from the object of my hearts affection, my darling wife. Write to Sue & thus occupy a part of the day. Read my Bible & reflect. I feel from sober experience that I am wiser but sadder man.

Nov 16 - Report to the Provost Martial General for duty in the Invalid Corps and order to report to Lt. Col. Frederick in charge of Depot Camp Cliffburne Barracks D.C. and tis this camp that I now find myself. Get an Invalid Corps Uniform, Coat, Pants.

Nov 17 - Get a pass & go down town. Get me a sabre at the armory. There was a review of the Corps this PM but I was not able to march & thus did not go. Got back to camp from town about 4PM completely tired out. Write Sue & Mother.

Nov 18 - Got a pass with Capt. Short & go down town. Nothing new AM. There is this PM an inquest held on the body of a soldier who was found dead this morning in the woods near here. I was on the jury. Write Capt D.

Nov 19 - Succeeded this morning in cutting my finger in good shape. Have company drills, dress parade and thus pass the day, with reading, writing. Must write my own darling wife tomorrow.

Nov 20 - Write to my dear wife my own Sue. Read regulations. Write Ira McClary, Drill. A speech of Ed Everett at Gettysburg yesterday on the dedication of the Gettysburg Cemetery where our killed were buried.

Nov 21 - On post guard today. This is the first guard duty I have done for a long time. Rainy.

Nov 22 - Beautiful morning. I love to commune with my thoughts. Think of my Green Mountain Home, of my darling Sue & of my duties. Heavenly Father - Would that I could feel that I was a Christian - as my wife is - lovely wife. Write Sue & Father.

Nov 23 - Copy some writings of mine into a blank book I have got for the purpose. Beautiful day. Write Aunt Mary Pearson. Drill the Company.

Nov 24 - Nothing new at all.

Nov 25 - Get a letter from mother. Go to town on a pass. Drill Company. Dress Parade. Got letters from Father & Capt. Drew Invalid Corps. Make a purchase of a Masonic Ring $5.00.

Nov 26 - Send a poem to _____ for Publication -The Roman Refugee. No letter yet from Sue. Why don't I hear? Thanksgiving Day "Bless thee O God"

Nov 27 - Receive a letter from friend Carl D. No letter yet from Sue. It seems strange that I do not hear. Am getting anxious. Why don't I hear? Write Jeff Kimball. Regulations & Tactics

Nov 28 - Rainy. Washington DC

Nov 29 - Write my darling Sue, my mother and Quince McLellan. The mail brings me a letter from Sue. I had waited long. Also a letter from CC. Am sorry to hear that mother Hoyt is sick. Read my Bible. Sue my darling.

Nov 30 - Go to town to learn what I can in regard to Signal duty from Capt. Spencer, as my friend Burbank meditates some upon joining up the Corps. I also have a visit with friend McClary who I found in Washington. He came on to apply for the Invalid Corps.

1862 diary

1863 diary:





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