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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

Frederick Marius Kimball - 1863 Diary

Dec 1 - On Guard today as Officer of the Guard. Have in custody 25 prisoners. Write to AC Burbank. McClary calls up. My Company has orders to be ready to move at anytime.

Dec 2 - Relieved from Guard at 9AM. Go to Washington & get paid from the date of my acceptance. Nov 11 to Dec 1, 1863 - $71.30

Dec 3 - Expecting to get orders to leave at any moment. A number of the officers are going this morning. Tonight three companies, mine included, get orders to report at Fairfax Seminary. Go down to town tonight with Lt. Marcott. We go to the Canterbury.

Dec 4 - This morning we start for Fairfax Seminary Hospital. Three Companies & Six Officers. Go to Washington. Take the ferry for Alexandria & from there march up to the hospital. Tonight my lame leg pains me fearfully. So tired.

Dec 5 - Tis a beautiful place here & guess I shall like after getting acquainted. Some splendid views. Have a room by myself in the main building. If I remain here shall send for Sue. Write to her this day.

Dec 6 - Attend divine service in the Chapel. Have a snug room which overlooks Washington, Alexandria & many miles of the Potomac. Tis indeed splendid. Receive a letter from my darling wife Sue. Write to her & also to mother.

Dec 7 - Study the time I have beside attending to my other duties.

Dec 8 - Go to Washington today. Have business to attend to. In Congress a while. McClary goes around with me. Call on Mr. Baxter from Vt. Write Sue & for her to come on immediately. May she be with me soon. My darling I want thee with me. Go to the theatre in this evening.

Dec 9 - Cold. Come back from W this forenoon & get to the Seminary at 12M. Receive a letter from McClary and also another from him of Nov 11 long ago, together with one from Sue of Nov 15. Write Sue again urging her to come to me soon, come, come.

Dec 10 - Pass the time in studying mostly beside attending to my company affairs. Again I am the happy recipient of a dear good letter from my darling wife. Read Bible.

Dec 11 - Cold. Study regulations. I am really located at least for the present at Fairfax Seminary, a beautiful place.

Dec 12 - Nothing new. There was a reception of the members of Congress on board the Russian Fleet this afternoon.

Dec 13 - Attend Church this forenoon. Inspection. Read. I love my darling best of all, my wife. My darling wife.

Dec 14 - I've nothing to fill up this days. Study & read together with my other duties. Read the daily papers. Send father couple papers. Each night I read my bible.

Dec 15 - Letters from Hon. J.S. Morrell & Capt. Newburgh. Go down to Alexandria & engage a sailboat for an excursion to the Russian Fleet this PM. This PM a party of about twenty Ladies & Gents, myself included visited the fleet. I have, yes, had the honor of treading the deck of a Russian man of war. Would that my wife could have been with me. Receive a letter from Sue and reply the same. Am pained to hear that mother is so unwell. May she soon be restored to health & my darling wife brought to my arms. I pray for this. Mail my letter to Sue.

Dec 16 - Some frost last night. Cool, clear, & beautiful this morning. Evening - Passed most of the day composing some poetry (if I can call it such) upon "The Horrors of the Guillotine." Have made out twenty versus of six lines each.

Dec 17 - Read & pass the day. Write Capt. Newburgh at Rock island. Have but little to do just now in the line of military duty. Rainy. The papers give the sad intelligence of the death of Gen. Buford.

Dec 18 - Compose some lines on "I'm waiting for thee" and send to my wife. Also a letter. Tis strange, did not hear from her today. Got a letter from mother. Send Father a "Chronicle" Write to Glover, my home in early life.

Dec 19 - Got a letter from Aunt Mary. Go to Washington today with some of my men to settle up their pay acct. After attending to that, send the men back, while I remain till tomorrow. Call on friend Stewart, find McClary & we go to the theater. Stay with over night.

Dec 20 - Very Cold this morning. The funeral of Gen. Buford is today at 2PM in Washington. Would have been glad to have attended but did not & returned back to Fairfax Seminary at 12M. Find there letters awaiting me. One from McClellan & two from Sue. She is coming on next Wednesday. Oh I'm so glad. Write Mc. Write T.C

Dec 21 - Reading "Defense of American Policy." It seems as though I could not wait to have Friday evening come when I shall meet my wife, if nothing prevents. Write cousin Mary K.

Dec 22 - Write Sister Ann. At 4PM I was most happily supprised at the arrival of my Sue, my wife. She came sooner on acct. of company. A Mr. Fisher from Vt. was coming on to Washington. I was taken completely by supprise.

Dec 23 - Happy indeed now that my wife is with me. Write ___ for his paper & also Abbie to let her know that Sue arrived safe.

Dec 24 - Lovely, beautiful indeed. The days & hours pass happily by. We are fixing up or room. Sue & I attend divine service this evening at the Chapel. Christmas Eve dinner is beautiful.

Dec 25 - A Merry Christmas. The sun rises cloudless. We take a walk. Dinner Turkey, Chicken, Duck, Dessert. We read our bible.

Dec 26 - Go to Alexandria on some business. Sue goes to town this afternoon shopping. Drill the companies this PM. Read. O happy me.

Dec 27 - This day we, my wife and I, pass most happily together. Read & study - peruse the Bible. The day is rainy, cloudy & foggy. Write mother & send her $5.00

Dec 28 - Officer of Police here after. Go to Alexandria & make some purchases. A letter from Matt. Fixing up our room. Write Ira McClary.

Dec 29 - Have a police party out on fatiegue. The hours pass happily now that I am with my darling wife. So happy. Read. Dress parade. A champaign supper.

Dec 30 - Examine the men in my company to see if they have no blankets in their possession that does not belong to them & make them take oath to that effect. The days seem short & pass pleasantly & happily with my darling Sue.

Dec 31 - Rainy. Nothing new. Read the dailies. Happy, happy with my darling wife, my Sue. Write Lt Nye. This closes the records of this eventful year. Tis eventful to our country & eventful to me. In this year that is now gone & numbered itself with the cycles with the past, I have passed through many rough & stormy time in the service of my country. Thanks be to God I have been spared. I am blessed too with having a kind & loving wife Sue.

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1863 diary:





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Diaries transcribed by Frederick's 2nd great-grandson.