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6th Vermont Infantry

Kimball Collection

From Frederick Kimball's Scrapbook

Digital copies of pages from Frederick's scrapbook - you may have to click on the image once it appears to be able to read it.

Page 1 - Some death notices (three Glover boys: Spencer Phillips, 15th Infantry, Trueman Wright, 3rd Infantry, Simeon Metcalf, 1st Cavalry); soldiers in Philadelphia and Baltimore hospitals; some poetry; a take-off on Mark Twain's "rumors of my demise ..."

Page 2 - Obituary of Maj. C. W. Dwinell, 6th VVI; death notice of Major Reynolds, 17th VVI; death notice of Edwin S. Gray, 6th VVI; death notice of Capt. Riley A. Bird, 6th VVI; wounding of Capt. C. E. Joslyn, 6th VVI; William W. Wirt's official report on the battle of Cedar Creek

Page 3 - Another death notice of Maj. C. W. Dwinell, 6th VVI; Somebody's Darling, a poem; Account of the battle of Cedar Creek; death notice of Charles H. Perry, 4th VVI; What The Birds Said, by John G. Whittier

Page 4 - The White Crossed Banner - a poem; Flag of the 17th VVI returned by Capt. Conway; Col. Frank E. Howe talked about Vermont troops in a Union Convention; Forsaken, by Hattie E. Works, a poem; Kiss and Never Tell, a poem

Page 5 - Promotion of Capt. Addison Brown, 5th VVI; Death of Gen. Birney; The Soldier Boy's Violets, New York Tribune account of Hancock in the Wilderness; A Little Thing, by E. M. Priest, a poem; Grierson's Raid, by H. L. Gordon, a poem

Page 6 - Waiting for the State, by Ben H. House, a poem; A Poem by Prentice, of the Louisville Journal, about the close of the year; Death of Gen. Ransom

Page 7 - A Protest, a poem; Twin Devotion to Slavery; Battle of Oct 19/64 (partial)

Page 8 - Continuation of Cedar Creek article; New Vagrant Law; May 6, 1864, by Mrs. Julia C. R. Dorr, a poem

Page 9 - The Vermont Soldiers (postwar); Vermont Troops - 14 officers and 98 men of the 6th VVI mustered out; Casualties - Col. Tracy, 2nd VVI, wounded; Served Him Right - about a rebel doctor; The 42nd Mass. mustered out

Page 10 - A Few Plain Facts; The Battle of Gaines' Hill; The World is Cold; "Copperheads Defines"

Page 11 - Just Once More! - a poem; Congratulating The President; The Eve of Election - a poem; Interesting Incident of Election Day; Compliment to Canada; Vicksburg incident; Col. James Warner assignment

Page 12 - The Sunset of Gouty Conservatism; The Soldier's Memory - a poem; Starved to Death - a poem; Capt. Thomas Kavaney - wounded at Cedar Creek

Page 13 - Boys, Keep Your Eyes on that Flag - a poem; Before and After (elections); Bowing to the Verdict (elections); Stannard's promotion; Christmas Eve in Camp - a poem; Farragut - Lashed to the Mast; Sheridan's fast promotions

Page 14 - Gallant (Ethan Shores, 8th VVI); Winter Thoughts - a poem; The Battles - a poem; Got Save the Flag - a poem; Jerusalem The Golden - a poem

Page 15 - Popular Vote of the Sates; Maryland Free - a poem; My Early Days - a poem by Leo Carrolton; Pithy Quotes; Capt. Alonzo Whitney killed by friendly fire

Page 16 - The Old Year and the New, by Ben D. House; A Big Cake recipe

Page 17 - Battle of Cedar Creek - a poem; A Brave Woman Her Own Protector; Freedom's Jubilee - 1864, by D. Gilbert Dexter; "Save The Flag, Boys!," the last words uttered by Lt. Colonel Cummings

Page 18 - Another Hero Fallen, by Ben D. House (Capt. Carl W. Dwinnell) a poem; Garret Davis running amuck; Abraham Lincoln's Record; A Sad Scene; Old Letters - a poem; Dreaming - a poem; To Our Soldiers - a poem; Glover marriage records 1864

Page 19 - The Soldier's Tribute - a poem; A Black Surprise; The Force of Habit; Savannah Taken; Letters from the Rebel General Lee; Shows Why he Should Not Be Drafted; Vermont Soldiers in Rebel Prisons

Page 20 - Gen. Grant's Movements; Putting a good Face On It; The Home of my Childhood, a poem; "Have you relatives in the army?"; Going Home, a poem; Hereafter, a poem; Passing Over, a poem

Page 21 - The Love of Home; Our Flag; The Rank of a Son; Old Ticonderoga; Sheridan's Ride, a poem; A Terrible Fault; A Salt Fish Ode, a poem

Page 22 - Death of Edward Everett; Found on the Florida; Autumn Twilights; The Happiest Time, a poem; Col. John R. Lewis recovering from wounds

Page 23 - The habits of President Lincoln; Tidbits; A Clean Sell; the Dead of the Past Year

Page 24 - Honor to the Memory of Edward Everett; An Evening in Summer, a poem; Rough on the Englishment; Assault on the Petersburg Defenses; Deserved; The President at Richmond; Supplies for Savannah; Colfax, His Creed

Page 25 - Missouri A Free State; News of P. O'M Edson, Gen. L. A. Grant, Col. George P. Foster; Funeral of LT Col. Addison Brown, Jr.; Vermont Officers promoted; The Union Prisoner, a poem; The President's Advise to Hooker; Troops Furnished by Vermont

Page 26 - The Grand Triumph of Freedom; Laus Deo, a poem; Lieut. H. Carroll arrived home in Middlebury; Hoisting a Flag on Fort Sumter; The Flag of the Old Brigade; 3116 Vermonters; Grant Reports Petersburg evacuated; The Dying Soldier, a poem

Page 27 - The latest anecdote of Gen. Grant; Capt. Charles Adams, 1st Cav, escapes from prison; Our American Eagle; Sad and Plaintive Chorus; $25 Reward (for an escaped slave); John Pratt of Bennington a prisoner; L. A. Grant wounded; Out Noble Dead, a poem; Sheridan, Winchester and New Orleans

Page 28 - Review of the Vermont Troops (Jun 7 1865); The Paroled Prisoner, a poem; Simple way of computing interest; "Old Times," a poem

Page 29 - Review of the Sixth Corps; "Morituri te Salutant," a poem; When My ships Come in from the Sea, a poem; The Gallantry of the Vermont Brigade

Page 29a - Review of the Sixth Corps (continued)

Page 30 - The Green Mountain Boys; Vermont Brigade; The Snow at Fredericksburg, by Laura C. Redden; Peace, by John Ross; Book of Life

Page 31 - Soldiers Monument at Derby; The Fourth at Woodstock; The Coming God - Christmas, a poem; Death of Captain Henry E. Rainels, Freedmen's Bureau

Page 32 - The Alphabet in Rhyme; St. Albans to be Evacuated; The Vermont Boys at Gettysburg; Waiting for our Soldiers, a poem



Letters to the Editor


Additional Material

Letters transcribed by Frederick's 2nd great-grandson.