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6th Vermont Infantry

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GALLANT.-A correspondent of one of our State exchanges tells the following story of the gallantry of Ethan P. Shores of Granby, a member of Co. K, 8th regiment, in the action at Cedar Creek under Gen. Sheridan, Oct. 17th. In the early part of the day a soldier of another company in his regiment was coming in from off skirmish line with (for some reason) a discharged musket, when met by a rebel with a loaded rifle, who demanded his surrender. The soldier threw down his gun when the rebel attempted to stab him with his bayonet, just grazing the soldier's side. This occurring near and in sight of Shores, he immediately brought up his gun and fired, killing the rebel instantly, with the remark to the soldier freed, "Up with your gun and at them again." The soldier whose life was thus saved is the only one of his company who escaped being killed or wounded in that engagement.

Later the color bearer of the 8th regiment was killed, when Shores rushed forward to obtain the colors, when he was confronted by two rebels who claimed the capture of the colors and demanded his own surrender to them as a prisoner. "Never !" he exclaimed, and shooting one and bayoneting the other, he bore off the colors unharmed and in triumph



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