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6th Vermont Infantry

Medal of Honor

Medal of Honor

BUTTERFIELD, Frank George (1842-1916)

Born 11 Mar 1842, Rockingham. Died 6 Jan 1916; buried Saxtons River Cemetery, Saxtons River. 1st Lieut., Co. C, 6th Vermont Infantry, credited to Rockingham. At Salem Heights, VA, on 4 May 1863, he "took command of the skirmish line and covered the movement of his regiment out of a precarious position." Medal of Honor issued 4 May 1891. (NARA File: B-1861-VS-1862)

CLARK, John Wesley (1830-1898)

Born 25 Oct 1830, Montpelier. Died 4 Aug 1898; buried Green Mount Cemetery, Montpelier. 1st Lieut. and Regimental Quartermaster, 6th Vermont Infantry, credited to Montpelier. Near Warrenton, VA, on 28 Jul 1863, he defended the division train against a vastly superior force of the enemy; he was severely wounded, but remained in the saddle for 20 hours afterward until he had brought his train through in safety." Medal of Honor issued 17 Aug 1891. (NARA File: C-166-VS-1869)

HOLTON, Edward A. (1835-1906)

Born 28 Aug 1835, Westminster. Died 29 Jan 1906, Bernardston, MA; buried Old Cemetery, Westminster. First Sergeant, Co. I, 6th Vermont Infantry, credited to Williston. At Lees Mills, VA, on 16 Apr 1862, he "rescued the colors of his regiment under heavy fire, the color bearer having been shot down while the troops were in retreat. Medal of Honor issued 9 Jul 1892. (NARA File: H-1327-VS-1864)

SPERRY, William Joseph (1840-1914)

Born 28 Dec 1840, Cavendish. Died 3 Mar 1914; buried Mount Union Cemetery, Cavendish. Major, 6th Vermont Infantry, credited to Cavendish. At Petersburg, VA, 2 Apr 1865, "with the assistance of a few men, captured 2 pieces of artillery and turned them upon the enemy." Medal of Honor issued 12 Aug 1892. (NARA File: 1602-VS-1877)

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