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6th Vermont Infantry

Portrait Gallery

Please Note: As we identify multiple regiments for soldiers, we are merging the records. Until this is complete, occasionally the rank of the person named below might not be the rank he is wearing in the photograph. Until we identify other regiments soldiers have served in, we note that a photograph exists for him, but it may not be for this particular regiment. For instance, any photographs noted from the Gibson collection, are as identified in the 1st Vermont Brigade (2nd through 6th, and 11th Infantry Regiments). If a soldier in one of these units also served in the 1st Vermont Infantry, he'll be listed on the photographs page for that regiment as well. Also, not all photographs are in uniform or during the war.

Select a soldier's name to bring up his record which will include where his photograph(s) are available.

Adams, Luther J.
Ainsworth, Judah Troop
Ainsworth, Luther
Averill, Joseph E.
Babcock, George C.
Backus, Charles C.
Bailey, Charles Francis
Bannister, Sylvester
Barney, Elisha L.
Basford, Frederick A.
Bird, Riley A.
Biscorner, Mitchell
Bitney, John
Blackburn, Charles William
Bliss, George C.
Blood, Willard F.
Blunt, Asa Peabody
Bradbury, Frank B.
Brigham, Anson O.
Brownlee, James T.
Burleson, George Washington
Bushnell, Henry N.
Butterfield, Franklin George
Campbell, Bertrand Delos
Cannon, Barney
Carey, William W.
Carpenter, William B.
Carr, David G.
Caton, James
Chaffee, Edwin Elisha
Chandler, Charles Marcellus
Chapin, Cornelius Augustus
Chase, Nelson W.
Clark, Harvey O.
Clark, James
Clark, John Wesley
Clark, Thomas R.
Cleveland, Henry C.
Cox, Augustus Tripp
Crandall, John B.
Crandall, Richard Bailey
Crane, Albert Abijah
Crane, Porter C. Jr.
Curtis, Edward Malcolm
Cushman, Elijah L.
Cutler, Daniel W.
Davenport, David B.
Davis, Alexander Warner
Davis, Martin Warner
Day, George H.
Day, George Q.
Dillon, Edward
Dillon, William B. II
Ditty, Eri L.
Divoll, Charles P.
Divoll, Morris L.
Dwinell, Carlos W.
Dwinell, Silas Oscar
Eastman, Seth N.
English, Hiram Steele
Fabyan, Barnard Douglas
Farr, Eugene M.
Flanders, George W.
Fletcher, Solon W.
Freeman, Jason E.
Fuller, Samuel G.
Gibson, William M.
Gilbert, Stephen
Gillett, Abel M.
Gladden, Atwood Mark
Gray, Sanford G.
Green, Lucius
Hale, Oscar Adrian
Hall, William H. H.
Hancock, William Burr
Harris, Frank H.
Hatch, George H.
Hazen, Spellman Goodrich
Heath, Orville W.
Hebard, James C.
Herrick, Edgar E.
Hill, Drew
Holbrook, Selah Hosley
Hollister, Homer H.
Holmes, William Henry
Holt, Andrew J.
Holton, David May
Holton, Edward A.
Howe, Eugene
Hutchinson, Alonzo Burton
Ingalls, Charles C.
Ingleston, William H.
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Franklin D.
Johnson, R. Stephen
Jones, Daniel S.
Joslyn, Charles Edwin
Keith, Alfred Horton
Kennedy, Thomas B.
Kent, Evarts B.
Kimball, Frederick Marius
Kimball, Orrin Abner
Kinney, Edwin R.
Leazer, Samuel
Lewis, Edwin C.
Lincoln, Sumner H.
Lord, Nathan S. Jr.
Luther, Charles
Macomber, John Gilman
Martin, Henry
Mason, Dan
Mather, Warren D.
Mathewson, Ozias D.
Maynard, Henry D.
McGowen, John
Mellen, Ruel Buel
Moseley, Henry T.
Murphy, Patrick Henry
Murphy, Thomas Parish
Nevins, Alfred M.
Nye, Elbert H.
Parker, George Andrew
Parker, George E. Jr.
Parker, John Edmund
Perkins, Edward H.
Perron, Joseph
Pettingill, Harry B.
Phelps, George H.
Phillips, Edwin
Pier, Orris
Powers, Ira L.
Pratt, George S.
Raistrick, John Y.
Ralph, William H. H.
Randall, Charles J. S.
Randall, George C.
Raycroft, William
Raymo, Isaiah
Reynolds, Edwin F.
Reynolds, William B.
Richardson, Edwin R.
Richardson, Plummer H.
Rodney, John
Sherman, Harley
Shiney, Joseph
Shontell, Louis
Slater, Frederick Augustus
Slayton, Andrew Jackson
Small, Herman L.
Smith, Emery L.
Spaulding, Jesse C.
Spaulding, Solon S.
Sperry, William Joseph
Spicer, Albion H.
Stevens, Newell C.
Stickney, Joshua G.
Stiles, Oliver T.
Stone, Adoniram Judson
Stone, Edward Payson
Templeton, John Stevens
Templeton, Robinson
Thompson, Albert L.
Townsend, Alonzo Norman
Turner, William Morgan
Tuttle, Lyman Morver
Tuttle, Oscar Stratton
Vaughan, William C.
Vernal, Harmon
Vinclette, Edward
Wallace, Victor A.
Ward, Harrison
Washburn, Henry M.
Webster, Alonzo
Webster, Harvey
Weeks, George R.
Wheelock, Albert J.
White, Samuel G.
White, Stephen P.
Whitney, Elijah
Whitney, Henry H.
Whitney, Pardon A.
Whittier, Edwin Stephen
Williams, Lyman S.
Wilson, George F.
Wilson, Vilroy
Wood, George E.
Wright, John Henry