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7th Vermont Infantry


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Field and Staff

Blanchard, Enoch
Brown, George
Buell, Samuel T.
Bullard, Edgar Nelson
Cook, Seymour O.
Cramer, George H.
Croff, George E.
Dickinson, John Quincy
Dodge, Jacob Hooper
Dorrance, Henry Martin
Fonda, Abner Squire
Foster, Elihu S.
Frost, Henry Martyn
Fullam, Volney Sewell
Gauthier, Alfred Napoleon
Green, Charles B.
Harrison, John W.
Holbrook, William Cune
Hopkins, William Cyprian
Hunter, David B.
Hurley, John Henry
Jones, George E.
Jones, Merrill C.
Kelley, Francis W.
Langdon, Henry H.
Leach, Charles H.
Morse, Edmund Alonzo
Murdick, Oliver P.
Parker, Charles Edmund
Peck, David Brainerd
Porter, Henry Martyn
Prindle, John Q. A.
Rising, Cyrus P.
Roberts, George Tisdale
Sheldon, George W.
Smalley, Darwin A.
Tenney, Charles H.
Trueworthy, Edwin Weston
Wright, George P.
See the actual listing for this unit from the 1892 Revised Roster.