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7th Vermont Infantry


1862/01/22William Cune Holbrook, 1st LT, Co. F, 4th VVI, was promoted to Major and assigned to the field and staff of 7th VVI (7th Infantry)
1862/02/127th Regiment mustered into U. S. service. (Dyer)
1862/03/10The 7th Regiment left 'Rutland for New York City, where it embarked on two old-fashioned sailing ships, ill adapted for the transportation of troops, with sealed orders to proceed to sea. Upon opening the orders, it was learned that the destination of the regiment was Ship Island, Miss.' (Peck)
1862/06/19Eight companies of the 7th Regiment, 'with three other regiments and a light battery, comprising altogether about 3,500 men, embarked on transports to take part in a foolhardy expedition against Vicksburg, conceived by General Butler.' (Peck)
1862/06/197th Regiment was present or engaged at the siege of Vicksburg, MS through July 4. (Battles)
1862/06/267th Regiment at Pearlington, Miss. (Dyer)
1862/07/077th Regiment at Grand Gulf, Miss. (Dyer)
1862/07/087th Regiment engaged mortar boats at Vicksburg, Miss. (Battles)
1862/07/227th Regiment engaged in attack on Transport Cars, Warrington, Miss. (Battles)
1862/08/05The 7th Regiment 'took a conspicuous and highly meritorious part in the battle [of Baton Rouge]... In addition to other losses, it had the great misfortune to lose its beloved and heroic Colonel, George T. Roberts, who died two days later from wounds received while gallantly discharging his duties at the most critical stage of the action.' (Peck)
1862/08/05Colonel George T. Roberts, commanding the 7th Regiment, was mortally wounded at Baton Rouge, LA (Benedict)
1862/08/07Colonel Roberts, 7th Regiment, died of his wounds. (Benedict)
1862/08/10Report of Maj. Gen. Benjamin F. Butler, U.S. Army, commanding the Department of the Gulf of engagement at Baton Rouge, La. (5 Aug) (Benedict)
1862/08/25GENERAL ORDERS, HDQRS. No. 62, DEPARTMENT OF THE GULF, New Orleans, reporting the death of Colonel Roberts, and criticizing the regiment for its actions in the Battle of Baton Rouge, La. (Benedict)
1862/10/13Letter from Governor Frederick Holbrook to Hon. E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War, demanding a court of inquiry in regards to Maj.-Gen. Butler's General Orders 62, criticizing the regiment for their action at the Battle of Baton Rouge. (Benedict)
1862/10/23A Board of Inquiry is ordered regarding the discipline and efficiency of the regiment at the Battle of Baton Rouge, published as Special Order 462, Headquarters Department of the Gulf by R. S. Davis, Captain and acting Adjutant-General. (Benedict)
1862/11/04Pvt Sylvanus S. Barnard, Co. G, 7th VVI, died of disease; he is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery (cenotaph at Summer Hill, Springfield, VT) (Cemetery database)
1862/11/14Pvt Henry Morfit, Co. K, 7th VVI, died of disease; interment in Chalmette National Cemetery (Cemetery database)
1862/11/15Letter from Maj.-Gen. Butler to Governor Holbrook, detailing his actions regarding a court of inquiry into the regiment's actions at the Battle of Baton Rouge. (Benedict)
1862/11/20GENERAL ORDERS, No. 98. HDQRS. DEPARTMENT OF THE GULF, New Orleans, November 20, 1862. Restores the colors to the regiment. Signed by George C. STRONG, Assistant Adjutant-General and Chief of Staff. (Benedict)
1863/02/177th Regiment at Oakfield, Fla. (Dyer)
1863/06/277th Regiment in action at Donaldsonville, LA (Battles)
1863/06/287th Regiment in action at Donaldsonville, LA (Battles)
1863/11/05Corporal Lucius O. Wilkins, Co. B, 7th VVI, died of yellow fever cwa-rutland
1863/11/17Lieutenant Rollin M. Green, 7th VVI, died of yellow fever cwa-rutland
1864/01/257th Regiment at Jackson's Bridge, Fla. (Dyer)
1864/02/027th Regiment at Point Washington, Fla. (Dyer)
1864/02/13Lieutenant Frank N. Finney, Co. D, 7th VVI, returned to the regiment with 110 recruits from Vt. (more)
1864/04/027th Regiment at Nix's Clearing, Fla. (Dyer)
1864/07/157th Regiment In action at Gonzales Station, Fla. (Battles)
1864/08/107th Regiment reenlisted veterans departed on furlough to Vt.. (Dyer)
1864/09/277th Regiment at Marianna, Fla. (Dyer)
1864/09/307th Regiment veterans on furlough departed Vt. for Louisiana. (Dyer)
1864/10/047th Regiment veterans sailed from New York, bound for New Orleans, LA. (Dyer)
1864/10/137th Regiment returning veterans arrived in New Orleans, where they would stay until February 1865. (Dyer)
1865/02/197th Regiment was ordered to join General Canby's expedition against Mobile. (Benedict)
1865/03/177th Regiment engaged or present at Mobile Campaign and Spanish Fort, AL, through April 9 (Battles)
1865/04/097th Regiment at Blakely, Ala. (Dyer)
1865/04/137th Regiment in action at Whistler's Station, AL. (Dyer)
1865/04/197th Regiment moved to McIntosh Bluff on the Tombigee River, where they stayed until 9 May. (Dyer)
1865/05/097th Regiment returned to Mobile, AL (Dyer)
1865/06/027th Regiment departed Mobile for Brazos Santiago, TX (Dyer)
1865/06/057th Regiment arrived at Brazos Santiago, TX (Dyer)
1865/06/147th Regiment transferred from Brazos Santiago to Clarksville, TX (Dyer)
1865/08/027th Regiment departed Clarksville for Brownsville, TX (Dyer)
1866/03/147th Regiment mustered out, Brownsville, Texas. (Dyer)