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8th Vermont Infantry


Feb. 19th 1862

Camp Holbrook

Address Co. H, 8th Reg't

Vermont Vol. Brattleboro, Vt.

Dear Folks,

I have not received and answer from you of the last letter I wrote you Sunday Feb. 8th. But as I have now a little time I will write you again. We were mustered in to U.S. service this A.M. + are expecting to be paid of tomorrow. If it is not so I can come home again before we leave the State. I shall send my money to you in a letter if I can send it by my body that lives over that way. You will see that I have sent you a paper that has given you the power of Attorney to draw the $7 a month from the State Treasury.

When I am paid off this time I shall have all that is due me up to the time of settlement. If you don't know about drawing this money, you can very easily find out about it. I might let the 7 dollars stay in the Treasury but I prefer giving it to you to do what you please with it. We shall probably leave the state next Saturday or Sunday. I don't know yet where it will be. Weather it will be for Fortress Monroe Washington or Ship Island. I don't want you to feel bad to have me go off, for I am well + enjoying myself very well + if I can here you + the rest of the folks are the same I shall be satisfied. Which I hope + trust will be so all while I am gone. I was on guard again day before yesterday+ night, went down to the Street yesterday PM. Left my watch to be cleaned + got another picture taken. I wish you could see me just as I stand writing this letter.

I have got by myself, out of doors, up on a high horse that was made to dry clothes on. I can look up any time + see two or three hundred Soldiers + visitors.

There is a band formed out of the Reg't+ they are now playing the tune (We are going home) It goes good. It seams now same as it used to when there was going to be a Circus. But I must close for I guess I have got to drill. Good bye.

From your son,

A.T. Hale

My love to the whole family,

I shall write again when I am paid off. If I have a chance to send the money any other way than in a letter I shall do so. Perhaps I shall it to Mr. Kelseys. If so you can get it there.

See another letter, 6/7 March 1862.

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Courtesy of Tom Boudreau.