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On the road to N.Y.

March 6th 1862

Dear father,

I am now on the road to NY. City. Have just past Deerfield. We started from Brattleboro about noon + it is now 4 o'clock P.M. We are now from 20 to 25 miles this side of Springfield Mass. I am enjoying my ride first rate.

Five Companies out of the 10 staid in the Townhall (Brattleboro) last night, it was very comfortable but I did not sleep all the time I tell you. We have now just past Hatfield Depot it isn't much of a place. You notice I don't…………………., but you know………good deal of trouble to the cars, especily at this season of the year. We are now pasing through a deep cut now on a vast plain. I should think I could see 40 miles.

Friday March 7th

10 minutes past 4 PM + I have not had a chance to finish my letter yet.

I thought I would keep writing while in the cars but …has to much wiggle for me. We stoped at Springfield Mass. A few minutes but didn't get out of the cars + the Citizens brought us out crackers + cheese. It was most dark when we started from there. ( I saw Miss Browne there, …………..) It was so dark after we left Springfield I cannot give much account of my ride. It is 75 miles from S. to New Haven but we arrived there at 10 ½ in the evening. Then we took the Steamer (Granit State) which landed us safely in N.Y. city at 4 ½ this morning. We were packed in so close in the boat it was very uncomfortable so I went on deck + staid most of the time till 2 o'clock, then lay on the floor + slept till we got to N.Y. city.

We didn't leave the boat till9 A.M. then we were marched 2 or 3 miles + went aboard a sail ship by the name of (John Hoyt.) I ……… how soon we shall start from…….. I will write again before …….

I have been on deck most all day looking at ships + steamers for that was the most I could see + I should think I could see a thousand of them. I can see the edges of N.Y. City to Brookline.

You know we had to pass through Long Island sound from New Haven to N.Y. about 25 miles I think. When I was on deck I couldn't distinguish land any other way only by the lighthouses. I wasn't sick at all but I expect to be when we are on the water a day or two. Edwin lee was sick and vomited a number of times. Our bunks are down below where it will be dark when the wholes are shut up, there is no window but I must close for this time if I want it to go to the office tonight.

My love is the same to all of you.

From your son A.T. Hale

You need not answer this letter.

P.S. Tell Julietta there is no snow in N.Y. + when I get where there is green leaves I will send her one in a letter.

I hope this will find you well in health … 25 dollars in money …….letter + hope you have …..

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Courtesy of Tom Boudreau.