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9th Vermont Infantry


REUNION OF CO. E. 9th Vt. JUNE 24, 1896

The eleventh annual reunion was held June 24, 1896 at the Grand Army Hall, Newport Center, Vt.
After partaking of a splendid dinner the exercises were opened with a song, then a feeling prayer was offered by Rev. McNeal, which was one of the best of all our exercises’. Remarks by D. L. HIdreth, wishing our Co. long life and prosperity; Response for Co. E., Richard F. Parker.

The annual election of officers for next year, the old board chose by acclamation; president, Richard Parker;1st vice pres., O. J. Adams; 2d vice pres, S. O. Whipple;treasurer, Asa C. Sleeper;secretary, George M. Lane;assistant secretary, , L. A. Lund;executive committee, 1896-7, Hiram Drown, O. J. Adams, C. M. Warboy. Calvin Sleeper, A. C. Sleeper.

The following comrades were present:

R. F. Parker and wife, Coventry,
A. C. Sleeper and wife, Newport,
Abner C. Bowley and wife, Newport,
C. N. Warboy and wife, W. Charleston,
O. J. Adams and wife, Newport Ctr.,
(Henry) A. Buzzell, Newport Ctr.,
Francis Blanchard, Derby,
Amasa Dwyer and wife, Charleston,
Simon Maranville and wife, West Derby,
R. Wing and wife, North Troy,
George A. Spencer, Derby,
S. O. Whipple and wife, Newport Ctr.,
James Connell and wife, Newport Ctr.,
Hiram Drown and wife, Newport Ctr.,
L. C. Flanders and wife, Newport Ctr.,
Geo. Crawford and wife, Newport Ctr.,
William Hoyt, Newport Ctr.,
C. S. Moulton and wife, Newport Ctr.,
J. G. Gorham and wife, Coventry,
J. H. McGuire and wife, Albany,
Dennis H. Foy and wife, Westmore,
H. M. Freto, East Burke,
Dana Fuller, Troy,
William Warner, No. Troy.


WHEREAS, by a dispensation of divine providence to which we all bow, our ranks have been broken again by death, and Capt. Edward L. Kelley, ate of Brooklyn N. Y., and Gilbert D. Walker, late of Albany, Vt., have been removed from our ranks so rapidly depleting, to join the great majority beyond the river, whereas, we, the late comrades of Co. E. 9th Vt. Association, deeply realize the great loss we have sustained and how much we shall miss their greetings at our annual reunions.

RESOLVED, --- that we extend to friends of our departed comrades sincere heartfelt sympathy, and assure them that as true comrades and American Citizens are ready to assist any and all in distress and need, and we truly hope that when the last roll call is sounded that we shall meet again when death will never more us part,

RESOLVED, ---that the secretary of this association be instructed to cause a copy of these resolutions to be forwarded to the widow of our late Capt. Kelley, and to the sons of the late comrade Walker, also a copy to the EXPRESS and STANNARD, and TROY PALLADIUM, and the MONITOR for publication, and to be spread upon the records of this association

S. O. Whipple
O. J. Adams
Asa C. Sleeper

Comrade Parker read a very interesting letter from Colonel Edward H. Ripley, with his regrets. Recitation by Miss Firnie Drown, daughter of Hiram Drown. Select reading by Miss Hattie Perkins, original poem "The 9th Vt" by Miss Alta Burt.

A vote of thanks by Co. E. for the use of the Post hall was taken by a rising vote. The reunion closed by singing "Marching Through Georgia" by all present.

Respectfully in F. C. & L.
Geo. M. Lane
Springfield, Mass,
ORLEANS COUNTY MONITOR (Barton), July 13, 1896

Courtesy of Deanna French