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9th Vermont Infantry

Harper's Ferry

Memories of the Ninth Vermont at the
Tragedy of Harper's Ferry, Sept. 15, 1862.


last one, General Julius White would have successfully defended Harper's Ferry, and if he in turn had been killed, George J. Stannard, of the 9th Vermont, or Colonel Willard of the 125th New York, would have been equally able successors.

Again his loyalty was doubted, and he was bitterly denounced by the men, because after we were surrounded and cut off, he sent sixteen paroled prisoners through the lines to the enemy, bearing this pass:

Harper's Ferry, September 12th. The captain of the outer picket on the Shenandoah road will pass beyond the lines sixteen paroled confederate prisoners who are required to keep the Charles Town Pike on to Winchester, where they will be enabled to join the Confederate Army."

Colonel Stannard, who was field-officer of the day, refused to let them pass out and sent them back, but they were returned and got out. This was the day after Jackson had driven White in from Martinsburg, and was already in sight, and Miles knew that they would step our of our lines into Jackson's with a perfect knowledge of everything Jackson should not know. The engagement on Maryland Heights had already begun.

Again a Rebel lieutenant of cavalry, named Rouse, of the 13th Virginia, had been captured a week before. He pretended to be sick, was paroled, and kindly sent to the hospital. He broke his parole, slipped the guard, mysteriously passed our lines, was re-captured a few days later, paroled again, and passed through the lines after having passed an hour closeted mysteriously with Miles. He came in with A. P. Hill's corps, armed and with his company, and when taunted with having broken his parole, he laughed exultingly at the idea. A. P. Hill himself declined to listen to General White's charges against him. But the incident which full confirmed the 9th Vermont that we were betrayed was this: Two men of my company, whom I had known from boyhood, Joseph Graham and Daniel Sullivan, happened to be on duty near where Miles

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