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Jackson Sheldon, Bennington

Regiment:10th United States Colored Infantry
Date of Enlistment:09/17/1864
Date of Discharge:02/28/1866

Born on March 10, 1836, Jackson Sheldon was a substitute soldier for Henry Dewey of Bennington, Vermont. While his regiment was encamped about Petersburg, Virginia, Sheldon developed severe rheumatism from exposure to the weather. He was discharged ahead of the rest of his regiment from the hospital at City Point, Virginia, on February 28, 1866. Sheldon relocated to Halifax County, North Carolina, where in February of 1869 he married Phillis Turner. Together they lived on their own fifty-acre farm. The effects of time and illness took their toll until he was unable to continue working and in 1891 filed for a disability pension from the Army where he claimed,

"rheumatism of the arms and legs, cramps in the hands, kidney trouble, asthma & heart trouble from all of which I have suffered for years. For the last year I have been suffering from shortness of breath & cannot rest at night so lie on my left side."

Sheldon was issued a disability pension of $10.00 per month increasing to $25.00 per month in 1907 as result of his illness. He died on July 27, 1906 and his pension payments were made to his wife, Phillis, until her death on May 14, 1919.