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Colored Troops


Please note that some of these are not off-site, and I only occasionally check to see if they are still there; if you have problems accessing one or more, send an email to the Webmaster (see link at bottom of page)

10th U.S. Colored Infantry

10th U.S. Colored Infantry, History

31st U.S. Colored Infantry, History

33rd U.S. Colored Infantry

41st U.S. Colored Infantry, History

45th U.S. Colored Infantry

45th U.S. Colored Infantry, History

46th U.S. Colored Infantry, History

54th Massachusetts Infantry (Colored), History

54th Massachusetts Infantry (Colored), Roster

54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (colored) - AG65

55th Massachusetts Infantry (Colored), History

74th U.S. Colored Infantry

75th U.S. Colored Infantry

Abolition Mission: James Fuller reveals the untold, colorful history of the Civil War

African American Civil War Memorial

African American Civil War Memorial Museum

African Americans

Anti-Slavery Society in Vermont

Brace, Peter, biography

Brown, Robert, biography

Burton, Reuben, biography

Camp William Penn Headquarters

Gibson Collection

Gravesites of Vermont Officers Who Served with African American Units.

Green, Thomas, biography

Hazard, Austin, biography

How A Man Feels in Battle

Hunter, Israel, biography

Jones Collection

Langley, Louden S., correspondence

Legal Changes After the Civil War and the 14th Amendment (Couresty of Ana)

Mero, Sylvester, biography

Other Colored Recruits and Substitutes

Research Aids

Rutland's black soldiers to be honored

Sculpture to honor 20 Rutland African-American Civil War veterans

Sheldon, Jackson, biography

The Civil War Walking Tour of Woodstock, Vermont

Then Again: Vermont officer lost his life in leading black soldiers

War Department General Order 143: Creation of the U.S. Colored Troops (1863)

Wentworth, Charles, biography

Williams, Isaac, biography