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Peter Brace, Saint Albans

Regiment:54th Massachusetts Infantry (Colored)
Date of Enlistment:12/19/1863
Date of Discharge:08/20/1865

Although Peter Brace could neither read or write at the time of enlistment, he made his mark indicating that his state pay of $7.00 per month would be sent to his wife, Sallie Brace while he was in the service. Brace was wounded on 11/20/1864 at the battle of Honey Hill, South Carolina. After discharge he returned to Saint Albans where he found employment as a laborer. He fathered a family of 16 children. Some of his decedents still live in the area to this day. Peter Brace died on 10/13/1913 of a cerebral hemorrhage and is buried at the Old Greenwood Cemetery in Saint Albans