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10th U.S. Colored Infantry

33rd U.S. Colored Infantry

45th U.S. Colored Infantry

54th Massachusetts Infantry (Colored), Roster

54th Regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (colored) - AG65

74th U.S. Colored Infantry

75th U.S. Colored Infantry

African Americans

Brace, Peter, biography

Brown, Robert, biography

Burton, Reuben, biography

Gibson Collection

Gravesites of Vermont Officers Who Served with African American Units.

Green, Thomas, biography

Hazard, Austin, biography

How A Man Feels in Battle

Hunter, Israel, biography

Jones Collection

Langley, Louden S., correspondence

Mero, Sylvester, biography

Other Colored Recruits and Substitutes

Research Aids

Sheldon, Jackson, biography

Wentworth, Charles, biography

Williams, Isaac, biography

Soldiers with "additional information" in their records

(Photographs, documents, biographies, obituaries, etc.)

Briggs, Charles H.

Briggs, Royal A.

Brown, Robert R.

Brown, William

Burton, Reuben

Carasaw, William

Crosier, Eugene

Crosier, Nelson

Crosier, Silas

Davis, William A.

Freeman, Israel L.

Freeman, Leander W.

Greely, Howard

Green, Thomas H.

Hawkins, Sylvester

Hazard, Austin E.

Hoose, Edward H.

Hunter, Israel

Jackson, William

Langley, Louden Shubael

Langley, Newell Cyrus

Mero, Sylvester Orison

Miles, Jeremiah

Prince, Daniel

Prince, Isaac A.

Satchel, William John

Vanderburgh, Lewis

Wentworth, Charles B.

Williams, Isaac