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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Monday, May 15th, 1865

Dear Mother,

Once more I find myself in a hospital, but this time I am not very sick. I was very sick in March but I have got over that and as I have a good appetite and plenty of good vituals I shall soon be all right. We live as well as I ever did to home. I understand that they filled out and sent discharges to Washington to be signed for every one whose descriptive list was here. If that is so I stand a very good chance to come home before long but I do not want you to place much confidence in it. I got a pass and went over to the company today. They are only 1 1/5 miles from here. I got two papers. Some writing paper a peri of seisasers and two tooth picks be no letter have I received since the 5th but still I hope I shall receive some before long and Milo says he will bring them to me. My box did not do much good but it did the boys and I am satisfied. But I have already written a very long letter and so will close for this time. Please give my best respects to Uncle Eones folks, Abbie, Mr. And Mrs. Alden. Write soon and accept this with the best respects of Your son, Eugene W. Rolfe

Direct as before to 3rd VT Battery, Washington, D. C.

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.