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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Camp near City Point, Saturday, April 22nd, 1865

G. Rolfe

Dear Father:

I received your kind letter of the 11th last Sunday and sent a short answer in Herberts letter or rather in a letter I sent to Herbert on that day. Today I received letters from Charlotte, Herbert and Adelbert and here I will speak of one thing.

As soon as I get a letter from home, I set down and answer it, but by your dates, I see you wait till the next Sunday or Monday morning before you answer it. That answer reaches her the next Thursday Friday or Saturday so I have to wait a fortnight for an answer and then you do not all write when I write. I do not think you can complain of my letters being too short. Now I wish that you would all write once a week and one of you at least twice a week. Letters seem good to soldiers any time but I think more of them since I came here. In the letter to Herbert, I sent for two dollars, to pay debts with. I shall expect it next week. I have got two stamps, one I have just put on to a letter to Wilbur Mc Intosh. The other I shall put on to this and then I shall have to wait for more. Please send more immediately.

My box has not come yet. They have been waiting to clear out the express office and as the army is getting settled once more and I shall probably get it some time next week I wish it were here now as I want the paper, envelopes, and tea. ---bad as it hurts me to drink anything but tea and I have no papers except a little like this and about four sheets of the large size and about dozen envelopes and the most of these are inked. Please put some envelopes into the mail and send them to me.

In your letter of the 11th, you said that Mr. Alden wished that the Society would send him out here. If he had been here three weeks ago and had stayed here till now, he would have hard work for the Christian Commission have been worked pretty hard lately but now the most of the sick and wounded have been sent to Washington. I wrote to Mr. Alden the 10th of this month and expect an answer every day. Please give my best respects to him and his lady.

The news of Carls getting hurt were very bad news indeed as was the news of President Lincolns death but it seem as if number three or else number four did not do their duty. (NOTE: numbers are men manning the cannon when Carl was hurt) Carl did not have his old detachment to work with. I suppose he was acting as number one as I do not know in what other way he could have got hurt so bad. If he gets over this he probably will never come out here again but I hope he will get over this soon. The boys are all very anxious to hear from him. I can not pass through the street but what someone will ask me how he is. All sent their best respects and wishes for his speedy recovery.

But I must close. Please write soon and accept this with the best respects of your son,

Eugene W. Rolfe

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.