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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

September 23, 1964

Well Herbert

I got your letter this morning and was glad to her from you for once in my life. You tell Will Farnham that I let him take a bound volume of Ballous Magazine last winter and if he has lent it and wants to bluff it off I would like to have him be looking after it before long. Tell Charlotte that the book belongs to Sue and to tell Sue to write as soon as she gets around to it. You may tell the boys that I never felt better in my life than I have since I left home. I have not seen a sick hour since I went. I want you should fix up all things I told you too. I want to be sure to do all I told you to in the letter I wrote the 18th of this month and get those magazines there is a piece of music up to Wills I want your should get. You let Charlotte have them and tell her to keep them till I get back and not to lend them. Tell father that I shall write again Sunday and give a full account of myself up to that date from the time I wrote that last letter. The one I wrote at City Point but as they are about starting off with the mail I must close. I want you to use the key we used to the third lock. You know what I mean. I have not got that key that I had wrote off so I can not read that in your letters. If anything of consequence, write using the third lock or A for S (maybe L) and soon you said P . In fact I said certain things I say if he has received that letter as I suppose he has. The postscript of your letter there is nothing left that that ---. Please write and let me now. Tell him to do the same. Give my love to all and accept this with much love from you brother Eugene.

PS. Carl is all right and says tell his folks that he would like to have them answer that letter he wrote from Alexandria. Once copy I send two powers of attorney all signed and filled out. They are signed by Lieutenant Phillips, commanding the company

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.