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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Camp near City Point Va. Saturday, April 29th, 1865

Dear Mother:

As I have not written to you for some time, I believe I will do so now. I received a letter from Father and Herbert yesterday, dated April 24th and was glad to hear that you were all well; We are having very good times here or should if it was not for the military. They are very strict here. They punish some one nearly every day for not blacking their boots or something of the kind but we think we shall leave here before long and some think we shall be ordered to Vermont. Yesterday they ordered a salute of 100 guns to be fired in honor of the surrender of Johnston. I do not know when we shall get home but I expect we shall be there in season to celebrate the fourth. There is not much news here now or much going on excepting the artillery drill. I have not received that box yet, but hope I shall before long. Father, in his letter asks when are you to receive your pay and bounty. The bounty I shall receive when I do six months pay and he should remember that that is better known to the paymaster than me. Tomorrow, we have a great inspection and are to be mustered for eight months pay of I am, the rest for four months. Father wrote me an account of the meeting held in respect to President Lincoln. All officers in the Army and Navy have to wear a mourning badge upon the arm. I wrote to the Alden the 10th of this month but have not received an answer yet. Please give my best respects to them when you see them. I should think by Herberts letter that you was having a little different weather up in Vermont than we do here. It is about as warm here now as it is in Vermont in the month of July. The grass is green. The peach, apple, cherry, and plum trees are all blown our and most everything else is getting pretty well fly-----? Yesterday, I was on guard and I thought it pretty warm work, walking my beat, but it is cloudy this morning and I guess we shall get a Virginia thunder shower before night. I wish you could be here at night and see the boys. Some getting in front of their tents and others playing ball, pitching quoits or some other games and hear them all talk about the chances of our getting mustered out before long, but if I ---- the street they will begin to ask me how is Carl. Will not he get our of it before long? Is it true that he is married and all such questions. All are very anxious to have him get well before long. Our old sergeant, now Lieutenant Perrin inquires after him every time he seen me. Five of our boys started for home on a furlough this morning. One of them, Mr. Laissell lives in Bethel. Tell Herbert that I guess Jerry and Finchen must be mistaken about the 9th Vermont being the first to enter Richmond. Please give my best respects to Jerry and William when you write. If we stay here long, I shall try to get a pass and go to Richmond but I heard this morning that We were ordered to Washington by the 10th of May. We have music aplenty here one of the boys had got a cornet and another a violin and banjo and another an accordion so we have some pretty good times evenings. Charlotte wrote that Mrs. Fasters folks have moved away. Where are they going to. I should think by Herbert's letter that Mrs. Lees children were all leaving her. I wish that you would persuade Ab Marston and Sue Hayward that the best thing they can do is to write to me. I have not heard from either of them since I left three months ago day before yesterday. I wish that when the folks write they would let me know what is going on in Tunbridge. But I must close for this time. I wrote to Herbert some time ago and told him to get a pair of pocket scissors and sent to me -- I wish he would hurry. I want Father to send me some envelops and some paper as I have got but a few sheets left and I do not know when the box will come. If I have any more than I want, I can bring it home with me. Please give my best respects to all write soon and accept this with the best respects of
Your son, Eugene W. Rolfe, 3rd VT Battery, Washington, D. C.

Ps I have just received a letter from Mr. And Mrs. Alden. Please give my best respects to them. Eugene

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.