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Civil War Diaries and Letters of
Eugene William Rolfe, Tunbridge

Lincoln General Hospital, Jan. 29th, 1865

Mrs. E. L. Rolfe

Well Mother, I have got back to the Hospital again. I arrived here about an hour ago and am all right or would be if I was not so tired. I had a splendid time coming out here. Perhaps a history of my travels would be interesting to you. Well, to begin with I arrived in South Royalton about half past twelve Friday night safe and sound after Wilbur and Herbert went back, I laid down and went to sleep. I slept till the train got in, about three o'clock Saturday morning. We started from there and got into New York at about half past ten last night. I went across the city and staid at Cortland Street till half past twelve this morning when I started once more and got in here at about half past four tonight. When I got here, I went into Capt E. B. Gates room and found that he was away. I then told the clerk about the certificate that I sent to Capt. Gates and then showed him the copy. He read it, then handed it back and said that I was all right. He said that they would have sent for me if they had wanted me so I feel better about it for to tell the truth, I was a little fearful that there would be trouble.

After that, I had reported I went down to the ward and reported. The sergeant and all that knew me seemed to be pleased to see me.

After I got warm, I went down to supper and you had better believe I thought of some of the suppers I had whilst at home. I had slice of bread, a little stewed apple and a cup of tea. If I had been at home, I would have eat a dozen suppers if this is a sample supper I shall start for the front.

Tell ----- that it was so late when I got into New York that I did not find out what he wanted to know. Tell Carlie Smith that there is a little fellow here that is not as large as she is. I guess that shall have to give that bag to him. But as it is about time for a fellow that has been up the most of the time for the last six nights to retire I must close for now but will write again tomorrow or next day. Give my best regards to Ed Hutchings, Millard Wiland, all the boys, to Abby A--- and the rest of the gals and be sure and give my best respects to Mr. And Mrs. Alden. Tell all to write please. Write soon and accept this with much love to yourself and family from Eugene W. Rolfe.

Direct to Ward 54, Lincoln U. S. Gen Hos. Washington D. C.

Contributed by Eugene L. Rolfe, Las Vegas, Nevada, great-grandson of Eugene William Rolfe.