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Vermont Artillery

2nd Battery Light Artillery
Extracts from Civil War Diaries of
W. H. Flint, Leicester, Vt.
Diary entries for 1865

(Diary continues from 1864)

January 1, 1865 -- Well pleased with my position as hospital steward. My pay is $33.00 a month with board and clothes.

Jan. 2-8 - Drew rations - after lumber - called at Mr. Maloney's.

Jan. 9 - Capt. Geo. Guest was shot last night while going the grand rounds by one of his own men. The sentinel challenged him but he did not hear him. He died instantly. I was sent for and went with an ambulance for remains.

Jan. 10-15 - Work on Headquarters building.

Jan. 16 - Col. H. C. Merrian gave me a dress coat.

Jan. 17 - Sold my watch to A. E. Garrison for $75.00.

Jan. 18-30 - Nothing of note - help on headquarters building.

Jan. 31 - Went on inspection, with knapsack for first time since I belonged to Regt. I protested but Col. ordered me to appear in line. No other hospital stewards here has to go on inspection and I think this will be the last time I will.

Feb. 1-3 - Nothing of note.

Feb. 4 - Application for furlough approved.

Feb. 5 - To Port Hudson and stopped with 2d Vt. Battery boys.

Feb. 6 - Went to Baton Rouge.

Feb. 7 - Started on steamer for New Orleans.

Feb. 8 - Arrived in New Orleans went to see 7th Vt. Regt. and others.

Feb. 9-12 - visiting.

Feb. 13 - Took steamer for Morganza.

Feb. 14 - Arrived at Morganza.

Feb. 15-16 - Went down to 2d N.Y. Cavalry.

Feb. 17 - All quiet.

Feb. 18 - Inspection - went down to 2d N.Y. Cavalry.

Feb. 19-22 - Nothing of note -drew 10 days rations.

Feb. 23 - Rec'd order last night to proceed to Algiers, La. Packed up all our hospital stores and lay in wait for transportation.

Feb. 25 - Began embarking on steamer Adriatic.

Feb. 26 - Started down river leaving Morganza with many regrets as we have enjoyed ourselves very much during my stay.

Feb. 27 - Arrived at Algiers about 2 P.M.

Feb. 28 - Disembarked.

March 1 - In New Orleans last night - visited Globe Ball room, French Opera House and St. Charles theatre.

March 2-10 - Arrangements for transportation to and arrival at Fort Barrancas, Florida.

March 11 - Gen. Andrews division left here to-day.

March 12 - Went to Gen. hospital and back - took charge of Col's mess to-day.

March 13-17 - In camp - visiting stewards, etc.

March 18 - Rec'd orders to proceed to Pensacola - worked all day packing up our medicines and getting ready to march.

March 19 - Crossed Pensacola Bay - fording it - arrived at Pensacola 4 P.M.

March 20 - Ready to march at daylight - started at 10 A.M. marched 8 miles - nobody seems to know where we are going but whole army is on the move.

March 21 - Hard rains - roads rough - woke up in the night with water covering nearly my whole body.

March 22 - Marched about 6 miles to-day - rec'd mail - I had 4 letters - enemy reported in our immediate front.

March 23 - Took up line of march at daylight about 9 A.M. - firing was heard in front - advance guard drove Rebel pickets and we halted at noon at Pine Barren Creek and repaired bridge.

March 24 - Our men repairing bridge.

March 25 - The cavalry went across the creek last night - We started about daylight and at about 10 A.M. our advance met the enemy and gave them battle. This was at Michael Creek. The enemy fell back about a mile and made another stand. Our troops captured one Brig. Gen. one Col. one Maj. and about 100 men. Here the enemy tried to burn the bridge but our cavalry made it too hot for them.

March 26 - Marched at daylight saw no enemy to-day - went into camp to-day at noon - Brig. Gen. Pile and a party went out on a foraging expedition - brought in 16 heads of cattle and a few sheep.

March 27 - On march at daylight - Our cavalry went to the town of POllard and burned the same. 2d Maine Cavalry passed us to-day. They had 150 prisoners with them. We have made about 12 miles a day so far.

March 28-April 2 - On road to Ft. Blakely Alabama (on 1/3 rations - Mar. 30) - Many miles of road corduroyed - houses burned - found torpedoes left by enemy.

April 2 - Arrived at Ft. Blakely yesterday - skirmishing commenced at daylight - all troops ordered to front and in sight of Rebel earthworks - enemy fired shells all day. Maj. E. E. Adams was wounded in foot.

April 3 - Skirmishing all night and all day - troops dug rifle juts last night. 22 men wounded in our division yesterday.

April 4 - Enemy firing all last night - skirmishing all the time.

April 5 - Skirmishing all day - Two killed and 82 wounded in 82d Regt - only 3 of our men wounded. Dr. J. P. Paine Surgeon of our regt and myself are stationed in the center of the brigade and all wounded are brought to these quarters for treatment. We are located in a sort of ravine and have a rough shelter for hospital - shot and shell passing over our heads.

April 6-7 - Skirmishing - firing of shells from Rebel gunboats.

April 8 - Had horse which Dr. Huntington let me take on this campagne, stolen to-day.

April 9 - Heavy firing on both sides. Spanish Ft. captured last night - we took about 2,000 prisoners - Our whole line made a charge on Ft. Blakely and took the works, my regt being the first to plant a flag on Rebel works. Our batteries kept up a continual firing to prevent the enemy escaping across to Mobile - we captured 2,000 prisoners.

April 10 - Rebels made to locate torpedoes they had planted.

April 11 - Capt. John Brown of Co. G our regt who was shot on the 9th during the charge was buried to-day.

April 12 - The divisions left here to-day. The Stars and Stripes wave over Mobile, Ala. the city having surrendered at 2 P.M. to-day to Gen. Canby.

April 13 - Moved camp across ravine - went to town of Blakely and all over Rebel fortifications - torpedoes had been planted all along their works where they expected our troops would have to pass.

April 14 - Went to Blakely landing - troops embarking for Mobile, Ala.

April 15-16 - In camp - writing letters to my friends.

April 17 - Rec'd news of surrender of Gen. Lee to Gen. Grant. 200 guns fired in honor of the good news.

April 20 - Rec'd news of assassination of Pres. Lincoln.

April 21-22 - Anchored at mouth of Tombigbee River to-night.

April 23-24 - On steamer going up Alabama River went ashore and took chickens turkeys, pigs, cattle - few shots fired by bushwhackers.

April 25 - Disembarked at Black's Bluffs and commenced marching towards Camden, Alabama.

April 26 - Marched 7 miles last night and went into camp - arrived at Camden, the people frightened half to death seeing colored soldiers.

April 27-28 - On way to Mobile by boat - went ashore at King's landing - had a little chat with some ladies that were Rebel and no mistake - had the good fortune to secure a basket of eggs from a negro here.

April 30 - On steamer - Col. had me arrested for going ashore without permission.

May 1-3 - On steamer - arrived at Mobile - orders for my release. I fail to see when Col. has made anything by arresting me as I did not have anything to do and enjoyed trip down river. He is a strict disp.

May 4 - Our regt quartered on grounds of a rich plantation and my quarters in the kitchen of the mansion - went to Mobile - about city Bebel Gen. Dick Taylor surrendered to-day to Gen. Canby.

May 5 - Same quarters - having gay time.

May 6-8 - Quiet - the regt paid off my pay $251.55.

May 9 - Sent money to several persons to-day.

May 10-12 - Same quarters.

May 13 - Went to Mobile - sent $50.00 to my father.

May 14 - Visited by Ed. Hendry and Ed. Ayers - Fine Dining that my cooks prepared - good visit.

May 15-18 - Same quarters - all quiet.

May 19 - All officers of my Regt met to-day in our quarters - had enjoyable time.

May 20 - Broke camp - went 6 miles below Mobile in camp at Magnolia race course.

May 21 - Jointed my Regt at Magnolia to-day.

May 22-24 - All quiet.

May 25 - Govt ordinance depot blown up here (Mobile) to-day - Houses wrecked, people killed - I was in the city and in vicinity about one hour before the calamity.

May 26 - Quiet in camp.

May 27 - In the city - Mobile to-day shells still bursting.

May 28 - Took a stroll down shell road to a watering place visited by crowds from City.

May 29-Jun 1 - In camp.

June 2 - Gen. review all troops by Gen. Granger and CHief Justice Chase.

June 3-10 - Quiet in camp.

June 11 - Broke camp and went to Mobile - embarked for New Orleans.

June 12 - Bound for New Orleans.

June 13 - Regt in camp at Carrollton.

June 14 - Put my medical stores on board boat and went to Carrollton.

June 15-20 - All quiet in camp.

June 21 - Embarked for Baton Rouge.

June 22 - Arrived Baton Rouge.

June 23 - Bound for Vicksburg.

June 24 - Arrived at Vicksburg.

June 25 - Strolled about Vicksburg saw dugouts Rebels lived in during seige.

June 26 - In barracks in Vicksburg.

June 27 - Orders to proceed to Jackson, Miss. - I was ordered to remain behind with sick of Regt - took some back to Vicksburg.

June 28-29 - At Black River - waiting transportation to Jackson, Miss.

June 30 - Started with ambulance and one man with our hospital stores for Jackson, Miss.

July 1 - Arrived Jackson.

July 2-6 - Camp all quiet.

July 7 - Commenced boarding at house near camp - I furnish the rations and have them cooked at the house.

July 8-19 - Quiet in camp.

July 20 - moved camp to City of Jackson.

July 21 - Found boarding place near camp.

July 22 - All quiet.

July 23 - Orders to pack up and take cars for Columbus, Miss.

July 24 - Disembarked at Meridian.

July 25 - Waiting for Transportation to Columbus.

July 26 - Arrived at Columbus - I stand at depot with medical stores.

July 27 - Beautiful place for camp - while passing through city Rebel women showed their contempt by drawing their veils quickly and turning their backs.

July 28-29-30 - In camp - help sutler, etc.

July 31 - Put under arrest for disobeying one of the drunken orders given by Dr. Moore, a contract surgeon.

August 1 - Released by Capt. Nichols in command of Regt. - Orders to proceed to Corinth.

August 2-9 - Stops at several places and arrival at Mobile last night.

August 10-12 - In camp.

August 13 - On steamer for New Orleans.

August 14-21 - In camp near Carrollton - helped sutler when not needed in hospital.

August 22 - Moved my quarters and dispensary into house. When here in October 1862 I was in the house next to this one which was then used as hospital.

August 23-Sept. 17 - In camp regular duties in hospital.

Sept. 18-21 - Sick in quarters.

Sept. 22-24 - Feeling better - able to work some.

Sept. 25 - My Regt. consolidated with another - I hope to be discharged

Sept. 26 - Paid last night $132.00.

Sept. 27-Oct. 1 - In camp or trips to New Orleans.

Oct. 2 - Ordered to report to 96th colored Infantry for duty.

Oct. 3 - Duty as hospital steward with 96th Colored Infantry.

Oct. 4 - Went to New Orleans and back to Carrollton and helped Dr. Bushnell make out his yearly report - went back to my regt. at Greenville.

Oct. 5 - Lieut. Col. Fabricola commander of regt asked me if I wish to remain in service. I said I wished to be discharged - asked Dr. Bushnell to tell Col. to keep his steward and let me go.

Oct. 6-20 - Trips to New Orleans - after mustered out clothes, etc.

Oct. 21 - Mustered out of U.S. Service by Capt. A. McAllister.

Oct. 22 - Stayed in New Orleans last night - got my trunk told Dr. Bushnell my best friend -- good bye -- and all officers of 73d U.S.C. Infantry. Left for home to-day.

Oct. 23 - Discharge papers dated Sept. 23, 1865.

Oct. 24-25 - Waiting to be paid off rec'd to-day $488.75 (for hospital steward $121.00) (Traveling allowance to Rutland $140.80) clothing not taken of govt $76.96, (Bounty due $150.00). Home by way of Miss. River and St. Louis.

Oct. 26 - Passed Baton Rouge and Port Hudson - memories of weeks and months passed there.

Oct. 27-Nov. 2 - Arrived St. Louis.

Nov. 3 - Took train for Chicago.

Nov. 4 - Arrived Chicago - many receptions from clerk at Sherman House when he found I was from Vermont.

Nov. 5 - Left Chicago.

Nov. 6 - Arrived Detroit.

Nov. 7 - Arrived Albany early this morning - went to Troy and took Troy and Boston train for Rutland and arrived Brandon Vt. 2:30 - took train for Leicester to my home after absence 4 years 3 months 10 days in service of U.S. Army.

The End

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