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1st Vermont Cavalry

1927 Roster
cover of 1927 roster

Official Roster
Living Members
--of the--
1st Vermont Cavalry

Col. Russel C. Martin,
1275 Westchester Place,
Los Angeles, California


Bureau of Pensions Finance Division - November 1, 1927
Names & Addresses of the Members of the 1st VT Cavalry.

Joseph W. Allen, Co. I, 305 N. Terrace, Atchinson, KS

Charles S. Baker, Co. B, Room 575, Court House, G.A.R., Portland, OR

Darwin A. Brink, Co. F, Brandon, VT

Edward Boden, Co. I, Duarte, CA

Erwin E. Bromley, Co. E, Box 33, Dodge Center, MN

William Brunson Bowen, Co. E, Boseman, MT

Antipas H. Curtis, Co. D, 157 Washington St., Berlin, NH

Charles H. Churchill, Co. B, Brandon, VT

Francis Cardinell, Co. D, Box 143, Orting, WA

Leonard G. Clark, Co. C, 526 Jervis St., Toledo, OH

Warren W. Conger, Co. B, Soldiers Home, Bennington, VT

William H. Cornell, Co. E, 233 Hudson St., Eau Claire, WI

Darius Domina, Co. E, Montgomery, VT

George A. Edwards, Co. A, Richmond, VT

Ptolemy O'M Edson, Assistant Surgeon, 36 Elm Hill Ave., Roxbury, MA

George A. Fletcher, Co. F, Orleans, VT

Mitchell J. Finney, Co. E, Hinesburg, VT

Silas A. Farnsworth, Co. A, 13 Terrace, Montpelier, VT

William A. Fitzgerald, Co. B, 510 Grass Valley St., Grass Valley, CA

Frank Guyette, Co. C, Jericho, VT

Isadore L. Gaboury, Co. B, 66 Elizabeth St., Derby, CT

James Greaves, Co. I, 49 William St., Rutland, VT

John C. Gracy, Co. D, 25 Church St., St. Johnsbury, VT

Orwell S. Goodnow, Co. F, 735 N. 8th St., Grants Pass, OR

William F. Green, Co. F, Dighton, KS

Abia Hutton, Co. C, RFD, Westville, NH

Charles L. Hall, Co. A, Hemingford, NB

George E. Huggins, Co. --, County Clerk's Office, Olympia, WA

John D. Harvey, Co. D, West Barnet, VT

George W. Knight, Co. H, National Soldiers Home, VA

Andrew J. Ladd, Co. C, Route 4, Northfield, VT

Bailey Lovejoy, Co. A, Selma, CA

Frederick A. Lewis, Co. C, Northfield, VT

Henry Leet, Co. D, Topsham, VT

Horatio N. Leach, Co. G, 518 East Ave., 39, Los Angeles, CA

Peter Lander, Co. F, 163 North St., Burlington, VT

Peter Lebelle, Co. A, 10 Merchant St., Barre, VT

 Daniel McLeod, Co. A, 528 Castle Ave, Elmwood, Winnipeg, Canada

Allen P. Messer, Co. E, 80 Sullivan St., Claremont, NH

Frank Mahen, Co. C, Route 2, Middlebury, VT

Harvey A. Marckres, Co. D, 1502 Jackson St., Oakland, CA

Julius H. Martin, Co. I, 431 W. 5th St., Los Angeles, CA

Russell C. Martin, Co. I, 1275 Westchester Pl., Los Angeles, CA

William H. Munsell, Co. L, Wells River, VT

Edward B. Nims, Co. --. 40 Harvard St., Springfield, MA

Addison A. Olney, Co. D, 732 S. Grant St., Denver, CO

Henry W. Pratt, Co. D, East Berkshire, VT

Jerome J. Pratt, Co. B, 36 Glenville Ave., Suite 12, Allston, MA

John Pierce, Co. L, Shelburne, VT

John W. Palmer, Co. C, Waitsfield, VT

Myron M. Parker, Co. F, 202 Hill Bldg., Washington, D.C.

Frank Ross, Co. B, 108 Orange St., Jackson, MI

Augustus C. Stoughton, Co. D, 62 Clymer St., Burlington, VT

George E. Skinner, Co. I, Soldiers Home, Roseberg, OR

James Sweeney, Co. A, Baldwin Park, CA

John K. Sterling, Co. A, 368-E-41st N. Portland, OR

John P. Small, Co. B, 9 South St., Nashua, NH

Julius Seymour, Co. F, Box 63, Allenton, RI

Lester K. Stiles, Co. C, Fitzwilliam, NH

David S. Tubbs, Co. A, 635 Oak St., Sidney, OH

Ezra W. Titus, Co. H, East Wallingford, VT

John A. Thwing, Co. D, 1301 Davis Ave., Whiting, IN

Milo S. Taft, Co. A, Huntington Center, VT

Robert S. Tice, Co. I, Coventry, VT

Gideon Vincent, Co. E, RR 5, Box 50, Sta. A, East Toledo, OH

Noah W. Vincent, Co. C, RR 1, Box 19, Carterville, MO

Charles G. Webb, Co. B, Lyndon, IL

Edgar J. Wolcott, Co. L, Box 156, Essex Junction, VT

Eri D. Woodbury, Co. E, Cheshire, CT

Horace S. Woods, Co. C, 218 E C St., Ontario, CA

James Wright, Co. D, Sidney, IA

Myron C. Warner, Co. F, Proctor, VT

Samuel F. Wellman, Co. D, Readsboro, VT

Seymour H. Wood, Co. L, 739 7th St., N. St. Petersburg, FL

William M. Wheaton, Co. D, Box 217, Ottumwa, IA

Source: Pamphlet as listed; contributed by Bette Mott, Montpelier,
great-granddaughter of Mitchell John Finney, Co. E, First Vermont Cavalry