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1st Vermont Cavalry


Philander Burnham was born in St. Albans, Vermont in 1821. He was a 40 year old farmer from Eden (Lamoille County) Vermont with a wife and six children when he enlisted on September 23, 1861, in the 1st Vermont Calvary. He mustered out on November 18, 1864. He died in 1877, shortly after moving to Montgomery County, Iowa.

This diary (the original is kept at the Vermont Historical Society in Barre, Vermont) covers Philander Burnham's service near Richmond and Petersburg, Virginia from April 1864 to October 1864. His earlier diaries have never been located.

The diary was transcribed in 2007 by his descendent, Alden Launer. Questions can be addressed to

Cover: Philander Burnham Book
Memorandum for 1864

Memorandum of Fire arms belonging to Sergt P Burnham
1st Vermont Cavalry Co I
Colts Revolver No. 6871
Sharps Carbine 34625
one Cavalry Sabre marked Mansfield & Lamb, Forrestdale R.I.
Round back captured at Madison C.H. Va
turned mine over to Capt H C Flint Co. I 1st Vt. Cavalry Sept 10th 1862

Philander Burnham's revolver, holster and powder horn
Philander Burnham's sword and belt

Brought up from Diary of 1863

April 4th 1864 got a letter from home written by Wife and Gillman
all well

April 6th mailed a letter home and one to Col EB Sawyer. sent him a copy of the Order of my Detail to this Regt

Monday May 2nd 1864
left Camp 13th May for Vienna Va Monday May 2nd. went to Washington Staid all night

Tuesday May 3rd
in Washington got the Box of Clothing I sent from Vienna and got it expressed got a ?

Wednesday May 4th
I and Whitney got our transportation and started for the Front but the cars are all ordered Back and we cant go the army on the move and reported fighting

Thursday May 5th
Laying over in Washington Can not get away put up another Box of my blankets and other things and expressed it home dont know when I can go to the front

Friday May6th
in Washington yet sent home $50 by express

Saturday May7th
Started for the Front got to Alexandria & ordered to Camp Destribution

Sunday May 8th
me and Whitney found our selve in Convelesant Camp or Destribution Camp near Alexandria

May 10th Tuesday 10th
marche from Camp Distribution Va to Camp Stoneman DC hot day hard time drew hose ecquipage and went after horses but did not get them today Drew Clothing 1 hat 1 poncho 1 Shirt 1 Drawers 1 blouse

Wednesday May 11th
at Stonemans Dismounted Camp about 50 of the 1st Vt Cavalry here 13 being mounted for the front I drew my hors[e] this morning and am ready expect to go soon

Thursday May 12th
turned my horse over to CB Stone

Monday May 16th
Ship[p]ed on an old Barge down the Potomac from Camp Stoneman had an awful rain storm to begin went down River to the mouth of Potomac Creek laid at anchor all night

Tuesday May 17th
landed off from the old Barge on the south side of the Potomack Creek 2 miles from the mouth laid over 24 hours Saw a train of wounded soldiers 100 ambulences, saw 5000 Rebbles prisoners came in

Wednesday may 18
Marched with a detachment of all kinds of Cavalry 1st Division under Lut Col Pope 8th N.Y. 500 men to Fredrickburg 12 miles garde a big suply train nothing of importance not much fighting to day

Thursday May 19th
found ourselves in camp 2 miles south of Fredricksburg over the River dont know where we will go next 6 months from today my 3 years are out from the mustering in of the Regt laid over here all day got orders to march in the morning Saw Lut Caldwell ??

Friday May 20th
Started on our march to the Front 6 a.m got to Gen Meads H.D. Qrs? about noon saw many a cruel sight of wounded Saw Gen Grant went into camp neatr Grant Hd ? not much fighting today nothing but skirmishing saw 500 Rebels captured by our Skirmish line

Saturday May 21st
ordered to sadle up as soon as we got our Brakefast changed our command to 2nd Brige 3rd Division marched to Guinny station had a smart skirmish Fight to get across Guinny Bridge the Rebs gave us the Field as soon as we got over the Bridge our Detachment of cav scouted most all night slept two hours and started again at 3Am

Sunday may 22nd
verry warm not much fighting in am our Detachment ordered back to do Picet duty on the Flank of our moving Columes I was ordered to take charge of a Post with 15 men placed my Reserve in an old church the 6th ?? came up and went into camp near my Post got along alright

May 23d Monday
drawed in our Pickets at 10 am followed our Wagon train as rear guard move on to north Anna River ten miles having a smart fight across the River heavy canonading untill after dark infantry all moving over the River

Tuesday May 24th
went over on to the Battle Field our men got the Field our detachment ordered back 2 miles to report to Gen Talbert Comd 1st Cav Corpse got our orders to go to our Cavalry Core hard Fighting on our left started our march at 4 PM dreadful thunder shower marched most all night camped at Millford Station at 3 Wednesday morning

Wednesday May 25th
found a big waggon train going to the front 7 negra Regts at Milford station were we stoped last night a train of 500 waggons 700 Prisoners 400 wounded men for our Cavalry Detachment to Escort to Port Royal through the Rebbel country to open com unication for our suplies to Gen Grants army got through all right no Rebs but a few bushwhackers found a small force of our men here some boats with suplies waiting for us

Thursday May 26th
found ourselves at Port Royal got through all right with our train last night verry nasty and Rainey today we are to wait now for the Waggons to load up with suplies do not get away today wrote Home

Friday May27th
in Camp at port Royal yet waiting for the train to load another train came in to night with 600 more of our Wounded our Sanitary Commission doing much good here now

Saturday May 28th
got up at 3 am start for the front at sun rise got a long train to Escort 500 Waggons moved verry slow3 got to New town stopt for to night

May Sunday 29th
found ourselves at Newtown this morning train all safe seen no Rebs yet Capt Souther says we will join our Regts to day did not march till 12 waiting for the train marched 12 miles staid at Ellis Mills over night

Monday May 30th
Sun rose hot and dry sadled up early took the road west for Hanover Court House instead of White House found our Regt about noon joined my Co in P.M. all ready to march to the Battle Field

May Tuesday 31st
found myself with the Regt in the vicinity of Hanover C.H. laid in a Pine Grove all day at night moved up to our line of skirmishers laid in line of Battle all night we had no fighting but skirmishes today some canon along the line all day

June Wednesday 1st
started at 3 in the morning had a smart skirmish took some Prisoners got our Guns in Position and shelled the woods went into line again drove the rebels back burned two Railroad Bridges across the north and south Anna Rivers we than started for Ashland Station had a smart fight but had to fall back to where we started in the morning got back at twelve at night a tiered lot of men

June Thursday 2nd
found ourselves where we was yestardy morning Co J(?) all in but one F Bean 30 out of the Regt a part of the missing men? came in had our horses in line and ready for a march all day marched at dark marched all night on the road towards white House Landing

Friday June 3d
Sadled up as soon as got our Brakefast marched in a Westerly Direction went about 5 miles found the Rebel pickets had a sharp fight drove the Rebes Col Preston and Capt Cushman killed drove the Rebs out of sight our Regt Relieve by the 1 Brigade dreadful hard fighting just before sun don dont know yet what it is the heavyest musketry I ever herd moved back onto the road we came down on last night went into camp

Saturday June 4
Sadled up in the morning lying in camp waiting for orders got no orders to move today we hear some cannon and musketry along the line but no hard fighting in our hearing

Sunday June 5th
found ourselves this morning in the same nasty camp where we came Friday night after the fight near Salem Church all quiet in our hearing this morning hard fighting the fore part of last night

Monday June 6th
a dark cloudy and foggy morning got up early and packed for a march hard fighting again last night in our centre did not march until 10 am marched to the left of our line at bottom Bridge on the Chicahomony River went on Picket at the Bridge Rebs on the other side in plain sight can hear them talk

Tuesday June 7th
heavy rain last night hard time on Picket heavy skirmishing all night on our left in front of us Rebs shelled our Picket reserve Relieved at 4 P.M. went into camp with the Brig in a pine forest

Wednesday June 8th
in Camp in the Woods all Still this morning moved down the River about 3 miles and went into Camp got a letter from home all well

Thursday June 9th
in Camp all quiet Some canon at front on our left last night and this morning our Battalion Detailed back to Bottoms Bridge on Picket Cos E I & GT?

Friday June 10th on Picket at Bottom Brig ? nothing new Can see the Rebs and their guns dont try to shell us much Relieved by our 2nd Battalain got both to camp at 9 P.M.

Saturday June 11th
Laid in camp 2 miles below Bottom Bridge our Brigade all here gave my application to be transfered to Maj wells said he would send it up

Sunday June 12th
in Camp yet with the Brigade where we went the 8th our Battalion on Picket again at Bottom Brige I had charge of the Co J Relieved by J infantry in the night our army making another Flank movement we went back to our old camp all gone found Infantry moving over Chickahommany found a Pontoon Bridge in the River our Division of Cav gone over went over found a large army more coming marched all night

Monday June 13th
marched all night have not found our Regt yet searched up the river in rear of Bottoms Bridge our infandry and artillery ahead skirmishing and some artillery about 10 am stopt to rest in the Woods joined or Regt at 11 found in a fight fighting on foot skirmished and drove them all day they got reinforced at sundown and made us skedadle marched all night our force all fell back to Harrisons Landing got here at 9 am

Tuesday June 14
got to Harrisons Landing at 9 this morning came in sight of the James River Beautiful Country grazed and rested our horses drew Rations and started back went into a pine woods and halted in line staid here all night some skirmishing

Wednesday June 15th
in the Pine Woods 25 miles from Richmond heavy canonading all along the line this morning got a letter from Home dated May 18th to Camp Stoneman no chance to write home our Division of Cav went up the River had fight to get Malvern hill to many Rebs had to fall back to the Pine woods where we staid last night

Thursday June 16th
dreadful hot and dry sadled up early ready to go somewhere lots of cannonading laid in the woods all day got orders to move at night went down to where our army crossed the James Rive laid down to rest at two herd a report we had captured Petersburg

Friday June 17th
called up at 4 sadled up and ordered to horse crossed the James River on a Pontoon Bridge laid on the bank of the River until 2 P.M. marched in a south West direction to within 6 miles of Petersburg marched all night bright moon and Pleasant but dreadful dusty our Brigade went into camp our Regt ordered back to gard the River ? and trains? got back after sunrise found the Pontoons taken up

Saturday June 18th
laid on the James River were we crossed yestardy until noon than we marched back again and joined the Brigade near Prince George C.H. went into camp in an oak woods heavy cannon and skirmishing got into camp at 12 at night expect a big fight tomorrow

Sunday June 19th
in Camp 2 miles south of Prince George C.H. report says Petersburg fell into our hands today all quiet in our camp today our Brig having a rest went to meeting got a letter from Mother answered it

Monday June 20th
in camp in the woods yet having a good rest the 1st Bigade of our Division came into camp near by got a letter from Wife all well wrote home not much fighting in our hearing today heavy canon in the distance toward the James River

tuesday June 21
resting in camp yet nothing new papers confirm the capture of Petersburg it is all quiet around here

Wednesday June 22nd
got up at 2 in the morning sadled up and started on a raid got orders last night to prepare for a raid of tendays started at 3 Gen Willsoms & Katzs moved around to the south of Petersburg from Prince George C.H. crossed the Petersburg R.R. and Destroyed Reams station moved towards Danvill and Richmond Rail Road

Thursday June 23rd
marched until 12 last night after fighting the Rebs in our rear all day got up at 2 ? marched again at 3? burned a large train of cars 3 engines at Garrett Station moved destroyed the Rail road 10 miles to near Burkvill Stat stoped a few minutes made cofee move on in a northerly direction encountered the Rebs about 2 P.m had a hard fight Lut Hall Killed & Luts More & Greenlief wounded Katzs Cavalry gone on ahead to burn the Notaway Bridge station we held the Railroad where they crossed all night

Friday June 24th
our Brigage Relieved by the 1st from the line of battle this morning Gen Katz accomplished his mission burning of the Junction at Burksville fill back on another road we fall back to join him came on to the Richmond and Danville R.R. again burned the road and stations all the way to Keesville went into camp for the night at Keesville burned a lot of Government Property here Cotton tobacco & c

Saturday June 25th
moved on down the Richmond and Danville R.R. Destroying it entirely arived at the Roanoke Station on the Roanoke River at night fought all night Rebs in the rear fighting us and a large force in front at Roanoke Bridge we could not destroy the Bridge moved off to the left and started to Return the Rebs following us with all the fury of Deamonds a great number of negres joined us 1000

Sunday June 26th
moved of for a Return trip passed through Christian ville found a lot of C.S. corn fed all our horses the citizens said corn was worth 200. per Bushel their money a distressed country camped at night at Safford Bridge had a good nights rest lots of negroes coming in from evry Plantation dreadful hot and Dry verry dusty

Monday June 27th
moving on towards our lines again Rebs hovering around us front and rear fighting and skirmishing all the way moving verry quietly to day it is estimated there is 1500 negroes with us now it make them look wild to hear the Rebs in our front

Tuesday June 28th
moving along towards our lines geting back near the first R.R. where we began to burn it is rumored there is a large force of Rebs collecting to cut us from getting back our horses and men are verry near worn out Dreadful hot Dry and Dusty Crossed the Notaway River at the South of Stoney Creek Station found a large force ahead of us at Stoney Creek Station they contest our crossing the R.R. having a hard fight all night

Friday July 1st 1864
made a bridge across the Black water last night crossed the River before daylight marched to near Cabbin Point went into a temporary camp laid over all day and night an awful worn and tiered lot of men our horses all tiered out Gen Willsons Division are a sorry looking lot of men but we have got away from the Rebs a part of us our Division badly cut up about half mising

Saturday July 2nd
started at 3 in the morning marched 16 miles to Citty Point went into camp near the River two miles below Citty Point our whole Cavalry Corpse in camp in this vicinity Drew rations to night from US Maj Wells got his Commission for Col ? Maj Bennet Lut Caf? our men coming in some a great many of the Division coming in

Sunday July 3d
found ourselves in camp with the Cav Corpse went to the James River had a big wash washed all my clothes and put them on wet got a letter from Annett

Monday July 4th
in camp on the James Rive in the rear of our army of the Potomack all still and quiet to day verry dry and hot dreadful uncomfortable living here for soldiers in camp in the open field and in the burning sun got a letter from Wife wrote home

Tuesday July 5th
all Still as death around here to day nothing going on in the army I think it dont seem as though we could live here in the open field it is so hot and dry

Wednesday July 6th
in camp yet where first came from the Raid all quiet in the Cavalry Corpse heavy canon along our line of Battle wrote a letter to Hellen Drew some clothing I got 1 shirt 1 pair socks 1 Blouse 2 drawers

Thursday July 7th
all quiet in our camp yet heavy cannon all night last night and to day our men begin to show some signs of life hot and dry yet a litle shower tonight the forst rain we have had for 6 Weeks no letter for me tonight wrote a letter home

Friday July 8th
hot and dry yet had not got rain enough to do a mite of good yet got a letter from Wife this morning have just mailed a long letter with a historry of the raid blistered my side with mustard verry still ? at the Front to day

Saturday July 9th
just the same hot dry and dusty time in camp nothing new it seems most to bad? to have to live in the open Field this way on the sick list

Sunday July 10th
hot and dry yet I had a nice bathe in the River washed my clothes got on clean ones some cannonading all along the line

Monday July 11th
nothing new to day remodled our camp moved our tents pitched them in line tried to Police our camp but it is to dusty a little rain at night

Tuesday July 12th
had a little rain last night the air feels better this morning cannon at the Front this morning all verry quiet during the day verry hot and dusty again

Wednesday July 13th
in camp yet on the James River, verry uncomfortable wether it is so hot and dry had a bad diareah last night the Doc examined my Piles this morning and excused me from duty we are geting no mails from Home expect our mail communications cut by the Rebs

Thursday July 14th
all quiet in our camp not so much cannon at the Front we are hearing bad news of the Rebel Raid in Md 6th Corps sent back to Washington we hear verry little cannonading to day

Friday July 15th
all quiet in our Cav camp have not herd a gun at the front to day we get no mail now on a count of the rebel raid in Md we supose but we hear good news from there tonight we expect to move somewhere tomorrow

Saturday July 16th
verry dry and dusty yet but a little cooler our Gunboats had a fight to day with the Rebs Batterys on Malvern Hill dont know yet how they come out no mail yet from Home we hear good news from Raid in Md wrote a letter to Sargt Cuningham Co C 13th

Sunday July 17th
all quiet and still not a gun to be herd today our Regt gone on Picket to day I did not go on the sick list yet

Monday July 18th
our Regt on Picket all the well ones sick left in camp headquarters Picket at Prince George C.H. I am on the sick list yet wrote to Sergt Cuningham 13th N.Y. Cav

Tuesday July 19th
our Regt on Picket yet began to rain this morning rained steady all day it seems a blessing to have it rain evrything as quiet and still as death no fighting in our hearing a few guns this morning got a letter from home last night all well dated the 12th

Wednesday July 20th
nothing new to day verry little cannonading cool and pleasant from the Rain H Warner and I are ? that is left in camp of Co. I the Regt on Picket yet wrote a letter home

Thursday July 21st
verry warm again got out of Rations here our Rations carried out to the Regt went to the Post Commissary got 1 Peck Potatoes 5 lbs Pork $1.10 Henry Warner tenting with me

Friday July 22nd
nothing new to day our Brigade on Picket yet

Saturday July 23rd
all quiet this morning the Regt came in from Picket in P.M. moved camp mile to the East opened a Division Hospital near camp Doc Hall sent me there to help take care Wounded and sick men set up all night and took care of 9 men 2 Wounded 8th N.Y. 2 sick

Sunday July 29th
ordered to stop at Div. Hosp reported sick in Hosp taken in as patient voluntered to help what I can hard rain in night our tents all blew down had to work most all night in the rain got wet and cold feeling verry lame

Monday July 25th
nothing new to day all right in the Hospital half duty and half sick hear some fighting at the Front Canonading up the River and at Petersburg

Tuesday July 26th
Cool last night but verry warm to day nothing new to day our Regt on Drill a Reported Cavalry Raid on the start our Regt dont go our Division left for Picket Duty 1st Brig on Picket

Wednesday July 27th
on Duty at the Hospital some Wounded men came in most ? day shot on Picket this is rather Poor duty for me to do I dont like it much

Thursday July 28th
my tower? on watch to day changed me to the 2nd Ward nothing new lots of canonading all day got 2 news ?leters from Home

Friday July 29th
our Regt gone on Picket this morning no letter from Home yet at the Hospital yet about 50 patients

Saturday July 30th
our Division Hospital broke up to day surgeon N.C. Reynolds 2 Ohio in charge ordered me to Report to Dismounted Camp did not see the point went back to my own Regt staid with the Hospital Boys of our Regt got a letter from Home all well

Sunday July 31st
with the Hosp Department of our Regt Durkee is going to try to get me into the Corps Hospital Says Doct Gale says he will take me in went with Durkee to the Corps Hospital saw Doct Gale entered my name wrote a letter Home

August 1st 1864
found myself at the Cavalry Corps Hospital on the Appromattax River above Citty Point gave me quarters with the convalescent Boys good quarters and Rations Doct Mutchel in charge of the Corps Hospital said he would give me charge of the Police gard

Tuesday Aug 2nd
I have not been ordered to duty yet verry warm wether herd that Martin Sargant was Dead Died herre at the Corps Hospital July 29th went out and found his grave

Wednesday Aug 3rd
verry warm a little rain last night Corpl Garner left here today saw the Kinnehan Boys Co. M wrote a letter Home

Thursday Aug 4th
Hot and dry again this morning nothing new to day only we dont hear any cannon at the Front a lot of convalescents sent out of the Hosp and sick and wounded sent to N.Y. our Brigade came in off Picket I went over to the Regt they are going to Washington the 3d Division going we hear a big fight at sundown near Petersburg

? Saturday ?
Friday August 5th
Dreadful hot and dry herd from here an awful roar of cannon and discharge of musketry until late in the evening cannot hear what it was we got an order yestardy that our time will be out in October the 12th the above is for Saturday I have lost a day between Tuesday and Wednesday but it is Hospital life and all alike. Steven Sargant came here tonight did not know Martin was dead untill he got here went with him to the Regt going to start north tomorrow

Sunday Aug 7th
verry hot and dry rained a little last night Steven Sargant went home this morning said he would go by my house our Regt did not go this morning as they thought nothing new to day

Monday Aug 8th
dreadful hot and dry it dont seem as though we could live our Regt have not gone north yet the Regt shiped this afternoon the sick and wounded officers sent to Washington to day the time seams verry long to me here the longest I have ever seen in the army

Tuesday Aug 9th
hot day no rain yet great explosion at Citty Point great loss of life and Property some canon and skirmishing at the Front

Wednesday Aug 10th
great excitement over the explosion at Citty Point Report from 150 to 600 killed three Boats blowed up great loss of Property and ?? and stores wrote a letter Home

Thursday Aug 11th
nothing new to day wrote a letter to EB Sawyer about the $20 Capt Flint owed me asked Doct Gale to send me to Wasington but he says no Cav Corps Hosp near Citty Point

Friday Aug 12th
lots of cannonading at the Front in the line of Petersburg Survere skirmishing dont amount to much verry hot and dry yet

Saturday Aug 13th
having a big Battle over the James River in the direction of Malvern Hill suposed to be Gen Fosters command do not hear from the Battle

Sunday Aug 14th
all quiet to day nothing new to day a little rain to night

Monday Augst 15th
a little rain last night verry hot and muggy this morning took a mans Boddy out of the River this morning went to Citty Point with Corpl ?Tilly hard looking Place got a letter from Home all well but Gertie got the mumps Mattie stuck a fishhook in her toe

Tuesday Aug 16th
nothing new to day in our camp we hear their is a fight going on over the James River at Malvern Hill the 2nd Cav Division went over last night on the Pontoons

Wednesday Aug 17th
all quiet about here verry hot and dry yet having lots of thunder and lightening but little rain had a good shower this afternoon 150 Wounded men came in from the fight at Malvern Hill

Thursday Aug 18th
a little cooler and some rain heavy fighting all along the line last night reported success of our arms at Malvern Hill and Petersburg wrote a letter Home

Friday Aug 19th
Lut Trussell went to the Regt from here to day Rainey day quite cool rained most all day no news

Saturday Aug 20
hard fighting in the Direction Petersburg verry hot and muggy to day Doct Gale sayes he will send me to Washington Rainey in the Pm

Sunday Augt 21st
hot and muggy lots of flies fighting at Pettersburg heavy cannon

Monday Augt 22nd
got a letter from Home nothing for comment here dont feel verry well today

Tuesday Augst 23rd
wrote a letter Home nothing new to day quite Hot and dry again

Wednesday Aug 24th
got 2 News Dealers from home all right about going Home the 12th of Oct

Thursday Aug 25th
most sick this morning verry lame with the Rheumatis

Friday Aug 26th
nothing new it has got so that it seams more odd not to hear cannon at the Front than otherwise I got all to ready to go to washington but this lot are going to Philadelphia so I dont go

Saturday Aug 27th
I am verry lame with the Reumatis to day more lonesome than ever got disapointed in going north yestardy

Sunday Aug 28th
all quiet to day

Monday Aug 29th
nothing for to day I am getting dreadful Lonesome here there is hopes of going away to morrow

Tuesday Aug 30th
got all ready to go away went to the boat sent me back the boat was not going to Washington but to Point Lookout

Wednesday Aug 31st
nothing new for to day ben here just one month to day

Thursday Sept 1st
the wether is geting some cooler here quite cool and damp nights

Friday Sept 2nd
nothing new for to day no letter from Home

Saturday Sept 3
going to send a Squad of convalescents of the 1st and 3rd Divisions to Md the Doct says I may go marched to Citty Point cannot get transportation to day put us in a new Barrox put me in charge of the Squad

Sunday Sept 4th
laid over at Citty Point waiting for transportation saw the worst looking lot of men that I ever saw for Human being in the Bull ring Bounty jumpers Deserters and all miserable creatures

Monday Sept 5th
got transportation on board the Steamer Utica shiped at noon in charge of Lut Boutell 5th N.Y. Cav Lut Clark 1st Vt in charge of the 3d Division ambulence Corps Passed Fortress Monroe in the night into Chesapeak Bay

Tuesday Sept 6th
Steaming up the Ches/ bay Rough wether and storm most all sea sick i was verry sick fell off the Berth and sprained my rist not at all confortable went at anchor near Point lookout for the night

Wednesday Sept 7th
Steaming up the Potomac Pleasant but cool i dont feel verry well after being so sick yestardy my Rist pained me all night so I could not sleep landed at Washington 3 P.m. went into camp East of the Capital

Thursday Sept 8th
found ourselves at Washington again. this morning got order to go with the Squad of 3 Division to Camp Stoneman got to camp 3 o clock Reposted my Squad all right went into quarters with Sergt Hyde

Friday Sept 9th
found myself ?at Camp Stoneman all right went on Duty took charge of a Police Party mailed a letter Home sent home a Harpers Weekly

Saturday Sept 10th
Comfortably situated here with Sergt Hyde the Maj Says he will not send me to the Front feeling most sick to day with the jaundice 27 Recruits came in tonight for the 1st Vt Cavalry

Sunday Sept 11th
went to sick call this morning took a dose of Calomel Doct says I have got the jaunders hard took a portion of oil at 12

Monday Sept 12th
nothing new to day took 2 portions salts before I got rid of the calomel i took yestardy

Tuesday Sept 13th
not feeling verry well to day Piles on me hard took my name for Provost Gard

Wednesday Sept 14th
bright and cool morning went to the H.D. Quarters of the camp inspected for Duty by the Doct Hard unfit

Thursday Sept 15th
Warm and pleasant taking more medicine for the jaunders no Drill this morning

Friday Sept 16th
all well I charge of the camp Hyde gone to Camp Destribution after Recruits got 105 for our Regt got a letter from home wrote home to night

Saturday Sept 17th
I was Detailed for Provo Guard Duty Reported in Am 4 of us from our Regt Corpl Wolcot More Co D Farthrop

Sunday Sept 18th
was not Detailed to day long and lonesome day had a Sunday morning inspection

Monday Sept 19th
detailed for sergt of the Guard this morning went on Duty at 8 Am 60 Prisoners the most perplexing Duty I ever done up most all night

Tuesday Sept 20th
Releived from guard at 8 am went up to our Detachment Camp the new Recruits just going out 125 in all good looking lot of men

Wednesday Sept 21st
on duty by rule Provost Patrol got rid of it by sending the Corpl Great victory by Sheridan in the valley wrote a letter Home went to the point got 200 Recruits

Thursday Sept 22nd
Detailed to go to Washington with some of the ?? men to get their pay did not go they would not go under guard went on Camp Patrol in the afternoon quite tired to night

Friday Sept 23d
Detailed for Guard to day the worst Duty I ever done

Saturday Sept 24th
all quiet to day not on duty went up to the camp of 1st Vt Detach got a letter from Home 37 Recruits came in for our Regt Martha sent me $1.00

Sunday Sept 25th
Detailed with six men to go with Lut Delany to Harpers Ferry with 150 Recruits our camp miscelany went to Washington could not get transportation staid in the Soldiers rest all night wrote a letter Home

Monday Sept 26th
found myself at the Soldiers Rest with Recruits bad job lots of Whiskey cant get transportation to stay here again to night wrote a letter Home

Tuesday Sept 27
living at the Soldiers rest all right took the cars at noon went most up to Baltimore switched us off and left our cars standing on the track witha big guard all around us untill sun down then there came a train took us to Sandy Hook laid here untill morning

Wednesday Sept 28th
marched our men to Harpers Ferry turned them over to the officer in charge here all ready to go back waited untill night for the cars cars came down from Cumberland at sun set got to the Relay House 3 o clock in the morning

Thursday Sept 29th
found ourselves at the Relay House this morning took the cars for Washington 7? got back to Camp Stoneman at noon almost sick with a cold bad headache

Friday Sept 30th
detailed for Sergt of the Guard oh it is to bad I am sick but my time is most out

Saturday Oct 1st
Relieved off guard this morning at 8 would not let me go out of camp for fear they would want me did not have to go on duty to day

Sunday Oct 2nd
had to send 4 men on road guard to east bridge made a lance Corpl and sent him and 4 men to H.D ? got rid of going

Monday Oct 3rd
Detailed to go to Washington with 7 men to get their pay hard job my paymaster gone

Tuesday Oct 4
Detailed for Segt of the Guard to day I dread it it is a hard job our paymaster Maj Nichols came over to camp he would not pay me lost 3 prisoners

Wednesday Oct 5th
Relieved from Guard at 8 am went to hunt Runaway Prisoners could not find them did not get a chance to ask for a pass

thursday Oct 6th
nothing new to day

Friday Oct 7th
on duty with Head Quarters and Road Guard went up to camp at night Saw George Nay and the Fairfax boys

Saturday Oct 8
went to Washington on Pass Spent some money got me a pair of boots $6

Sunday Oct 9th
Detailed on guard at the Guard House Rather be in ?? got along verry well got a letter from home all well

Monday Oct 10th
Came off guard at 8 am all right no Duty to day went up to Detachment Saw Maj Hall dont know when we will go Home

Tuesday Oct 11th
nothing for today

Wednesday Oct 12
the same as yesterday all thinking of going Home but we dont know when

Thursday Oct 13th
all quiet and lonesome to day nothing worth Writing down

Friday Oct 14th
herd by the way of Home that our Regt would leave the field the 13th no news or orders for us here

Saturday Oct 15th
detailed for Guard dont like it got along verry well got a letter from Home all well Wife ben to Canada

Sunday Oct 16th
on Head Quarter and Road Guard all right

Monday Oct 17th
got an order that we are all to be relieved from here to day went up to the Detachment at sundown

Tuesday Oct 18
Nothing but the same old camp notions

Wednesday Oct 19th
nothing atall

Thursday Oct 20
the same as yestardy

Friday Oct 21st
nothing to day

Saturday Oct 22nd
got a letter from home all well Dated the 18th

Sunday 23d
all quiet nothing new want to go home

Monday Oct 24th
went to Washington on pass Expressed a Box home

Tuesday Oct 25th

[final pages have lists of names, records of money loaned]