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1st Vermont Cavalry


From "O.P.Q."




JANUARY 24, 1862

EDITOR FREEMAN:----Since our arrival in Annapolis, nothing of interest has occurred and we are getting tired of the daily routine of camp life. I think that we should relish a fight just now, if it was to only relieve the monotony of drills and guard duty, but we are now acquiring just what we need to fit us for the duties which we shall hereafter be called to perform. We are now practicing the sword exercise, both mounted and dismounted, and we consider it the most pleasant part of duty. There are three regiments of cavalry left in Camp Harris under the command of Brigadier General Hatch---all other regiments have gone with Gen. Burnside's Expedition. Our regiment was paid yesterday, up 'till the first of January. Judge Poland is in camo with allotment rolls for the purpose of giving the men an opportunity of allotting a portion of their pay to the Treasurer of the State of Vermont, so that it can remain in the treasury on interest to be drawn there from every two months for the benefit of families or friends. This allotment, however, has nothing to do with the present payment, but most of the men will send home a good share of their present pay. Some have allotted all but two dollars a month, which I think is doing pretty well, when we consider that they have assigned the seven dollars a month due them from the state to their friends. Some have not done quite as well as this but taking the regiment together, I think we shall not fall behind the Vermont Regiments. The Vermont Cavalry regiment is composed of as good material as there is in any regiment in the field, and we believe it will acquit itself honorably. The recollections of our Green Mountain Homes, so dear to every Vermont soldier, will always remain green in our memory, and the thought that they are fighting for our homes and firesides, as well as for our national existence shall nerve our hearts and hands to strike a blow when the time comes for action that shall tell fearfully upon those who in their blindness and passion to overthrow the best government the sun ever shone upon.

Truly Yours,


Submitted by Deanna French.

Webmaster's Note: This soldier has not been to date.