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1st Vermont Cavalry


"Dreadful Train Accident"

"Marcks," corrrespondence

"O.P.Q.," correspondence

1st Cavalry - AG62

1st Cavalry Regiment - AG63

1st Cavalry Regiment - AG65

1st Regiment of Cavalry - AG64

1st Vermont Cavalry Sword

Adams, Charles A., biography

Aldie, VA

Allen, Joseph W., Gettysburg and Beyond.

Allen, Joseph W., Who Stole My Fence Post?

Army Medical Museum Case Histories

Ashby's Gap, VA

Bartlett, John D., biography

Barton, Charles, certificate of service

Bell, Charles J., obituary

Benedict, Chapter 28

Bennett, John W., 1st Cavalry, Report of 14 Nov 64 - AG65

Bennett, John W., 1st Cavalry, Report on Cedar Creek

Blinn, Charles Henry, biography

Brandy Station

Broad Run, VA

Buckland Mills, 19 Oct 63

Burnham, Philander, diary

Buxton, John H., biography

Cambridge Casualties (1877 list)

Cavalry Units

Cedar Creek

Charles Collection

Columbia Furnace, Va., skirmish at

Corse, Malcolm Sears, biography

Craig's Meeting House

Cummings, William G., 1st Cavalry, Report of 28 Jan 65. - AG65

Custer, George A., 3rd Cavalry Division, Report on Cedar Creek

Departing for The Seat of War

Doane, Henry M., gravesite

Dunn, John, tombstone

Dutton, Henry, photograph

Eustace, Frank, "The Irish of Georgia"

Fay, Ransom T., biography

Finney, Mitchell J., photo

First Vermont Cavalry Reunion Society Annual Meeting, 1874

Flag Collection

French Brothers, biography

Fresh Fish, Life in Libby Prison

Frontier Cavalry - AG65

Gettysburg, 1st VT CAV

Gibson Collection

Grout, Josiah, autobiography

Hale, Samuel A., biography

Hall, Josiah, 1st Cavalry, Report of 1 Jul 65 - AG65

Hammond, John, correspondence

Hawes's Shop

How A Man Feels in Battle

Jerdo, Henry, correspondence

Jones Collection

Kilpatrick's Raid

Last Veterans

Original burials of some Vermont Soldiers in Virginia and the Carolinas

Parks, L. Milan, photographs

Pope, Edmund, biography

Preston, A. W., 1st Cavalry, Report of 10 Jul 63 (AIG)

Preston, A. W., 1st Cavalry, Report of 11 Jul 63 (AIG)

Preston, A. W., 1st Cavalry, Report of 31 May 63 - AG63

Prisoners at Columbia, SC

Prisoners at Libby Prison, Richmond


Recruiting Poster, 1st Cavalry

Research Aids

Roster, 1927 survivors

Russell, Daniel Morton, biography

Shenandoah Valley Roll of Honor

Sheridan's Raid

Spaulding, Henry C., biography

The Irish of Georgia

Tom's Brook

Tompkins, Charles H., presentation watch

Valentinetti Photo Collection

Veterans Living in Massachusetts in 1915

Wells, William, First Cavalry, Report of 7 Dec 64 - AG65

Wheeler Memoir