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U.S. Navy/U.S. Marine Corps

Men from Infantry Regiments transferred to the Navy

Adams, Elias Daniel, 4th VT INF, USN
Ahlstrom, Alexander F. E., 37th IL INF, USN
Amsden, Marcus E., USN, 2nd MA HARTY
Angell, Nehemiah L., USN, USA
Avery, Charles M., USN, 16th NH INF
Baker, Alonzo H., 4th VT INF, USN
Baker, Royal Flint, USN, 16th VT INF
Baldwin, Eri George, USN, 2nd VT INF, 12th VT INF
Barlow, George, USN, 7th VT INF
Barry, Daniel, USMC
Bates, Daniel D., USN, 44th MA INF
Bennett, Alva D., USN, 2nd NY VET CAV
Bishop, Hiram J., USN, 2nd VT INF, 5th VT INF
Blo, Alexander, USN, 1st VT CAV
Bolster, George W., USN, 1st VT LARTY, 2nd VT LARTY, 10th MA INF
Booth, Cassius M., 13th VT INF, USN
Bristol, Aaron, USN, 2nd VT INF
Britell, Rufus Horton, USN, 3rd IL CAV
Brown, Joseph, USN, 10th VT INF
Bruso, Joseph H., USN, 11th VT INF
Burbank, Nathaniel, USN, 4th VT INF
Butler, Harmon, USN, 3rd VT INF, 9th VT INF
Button, Jonathan, USN, 2nd VT INF
Buxton, John Healy, USN, USMC, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Carley, Charles, 6th VT INF, USN
Carroll, Peter E., USN, 1st VT INF, 5th VT INF
Cary, Thomas, USN, 6th VT INF
Caswell, James E., USMC
Chase, Edward, 4th VT INF, USN
Chase, Henry Melville, 1st VT INF, USN
Clair, John, USN, 2nd VT INF
Clark, John, USMC
Colby, Henry Bowditch, USN, 12th VT INF
Collier, Isaac, USN, 11th VT INF
Collins, George H., USN, 2nd USSS
Coughlin, John, USN, 14th VT INF
Davidson, John, USN, 1st VT INF
Davis, David H., 2nd VT INF, USN
Dearing, Frederick W., 4th VT INF, USN
Denno, Theodore, 5th VT INF, USN
Donovan, Cornelius P., USN, 11th VT INF
Donovan, Timothy, USN, 6th VT INF
Downing, Dennis W., USN, 6th MA INF
Dudley, Andrew J., USN, 2nd VT INF
Edgell, Albert B., USN, 2nd VT INF
Ellis, John G., USN, 5th CT INF
Flanders, George W., 2nd VT INF, USN
Forbush, Charles W., USN, 1st VT CAV
Furman, Jesse M., USN, 11th VT INF
George, Edmund Harriman, USN, 4th VT INF
Gibson, Levi Edward, 79th NY INF, USN
Gibson, William S, USN, 1st CT HARTY
Gilman, Curtis B., USN, 15th VT INF
Green, Asa R., USN, 6th VT INF, 1st RI INF, 1st WI CAV
Grey, George H., 5th NH INF, USN
Griffin, John W., USMC
Hall, Christopher C., USN, 16th VT INF
Hall, Hiram F., USN, 16th VT INF
Hasson, Patrick J., 24th MA INF, USMC
Hathorn, Henry Farwell, USN, 1st VT CAV
Hazen, Clarence R., USN, 6th VT INF, VRC
Heyer, Oliver Walter, USN, 3rd VT INF, 16th VA INF
Hills, Chauncey K., 1st VT INF, USN
Hitchcock, Robert Emmet, USMC
Holabird, William Hyman, USN, 12th VT INF
Holcomb, Lorenzo, 5th VT INF, USN
Howlin, James J., USMC
Hubbard, William H., USN, 9th VT INF
Humphrey, Charles H., USN, USMC
Hunt, Albert W., USN, 6th VT INF
Huntoon, Franklin Truman, USN, 1st VT INF, 1st VT CAV
Jackman, John M., 4th VT INF, USN
Johnson, Frederick A., USN, 5th NH INF
Jones, Charles Pain Winslow, USN, 7th ME INF
Kelley, John, USMC
Kennedy, John, USMC
Kenyon, Andrew C., USN, 13th VT INF
Kidder, Charles E., USN, 2nd VT INF
Laroe, Peter, 62nd NY INF, USN
Little, Charles, USN, 15th VT INF
Lovejoy, Andrew, USMC
Lowry, Horatio B., USMC
Lucas, Adalbert, 158th NY INF, USN, US ENGRS
Lull, Lewis J., USN, 6th VT INF
Martin, James, USMC
Martin, John, USMC
McCarroll, Robert, 1st VT INF, USN
McCaughey, Patrick, USN, 28th MA INF
McDonald, Anson S., 4th VT INF, USN
McGibbon, James R., 5th VT INF, USA, USMC
Merrill, Charles E., USN, 11th VT INF
Mills, Frank J., USN, 6th VT INF, VRC
Moore, Lemuel H., 5th VT INF, USN
Munn, Harry W., USN, 1st VT LARTY
Murray, David, USN, 5th NH INF
O'Brien, Michael, USMC
Paddleford, George B., USN, 4th VT INF
Parkhurst, Alfred S., USN, 10th VT INF
Perham, Lafayette Marquis, USN, 1st VT CAV
Perry, Horatio H., USN, 12th VT INF
Pettengill, Alden C., USN, 15th VT INF
Phelps, Charles C., USN, 9th VT INF
Phillips, Rollin A., USN, 2nd VT INF
Pickering, George W., USN, 5th NH INF
Place, Alonzo, USN, 3rd VT INF, 5th NH INF, 15th NH INF
Ploof, Abraham, USN, 2nd VT INF
Pond, William H., USN, 1st VT CAV
Powell, Lyman B., USN, 5th VT INF, 3rd NY INF
Prentiss, Oscar W., USN, 5th PA CAV, 3rd PA CAV
Prindle, Gilbert Henry, USN, 2nd USSS
Rowland, Alexander, USN, 14th IL INF
Scott, Alexander, USN, 7th NY ARTY, 4th US CAV
Selden, Edward A., USN, 2nd VT INF
Service, John W., USN, 9th VT INF
Sherman, John A., USN, 11th VT INF
Smith, George R., USN, 11th VT INF
Smith, William, USMC
Somerville, Thomas J., USN, 6th VT INF
Spaulding, Leander, USN, 3rd VT INF
Spencer, William J., USMC
Strow, William Hudson, USN, 2nd USSS
Tilden, Charles T., USN, 2nd NH INF
Tobin, Patrick, USMC
Tranor, Lawrence, 2nd VT INF, USN, VRC
Tryon, Hollis, USN, 2nd VT INF
Tully, Terence Joseph, 13th VT INF, USN
Vaughan, Patrick, USMC
Waldo, Benjamin F., USN, 16th VT INF
Waldo, George Washington, USN, 16th VT INF
Weeks, Cleveland G., USN, 2nd NY ARTY
Wheeler, Stillman C., 4th VT INF, USN
White, Charles, USN, 6th VT INF, 5th US ARTY
Willey, William H. H., USN, 15th VT INF
Williams, William W., USN, 11th VT INF
Wilson, Thomas, 4th VT INF, USN
Young, John A., USMC
Young, Lewis, 12th VT INF, USN
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