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Vermonters who served in Illinois units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,521 Vermonters who served in Illinois regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Adams, Albert W.
Adams, Anson Jr.
Adams, Franklin J.
Adams, George W.
Ahlstrom, Alexander F. E.
Aiken, Hector Hunter
Aiken, John J.
Alcott, James W.
Aldrich, Henry B.
Allen, Charles L.
Allen, Edson K.
Allen, Elisha
Allen, Ethan J.
Allen, Frank H.
Allen, Henry Charles
Allen, John B.
Allen, Merritt Herbert
Allison, Rolland H.
Alverson, Herbert B.
Ames, Daniel Chauncey
Amidon, Hollis H.
Anderson, Henry Beach
Andrews, Edmund
Andrews, Wesley R.
Angier, Franklin Luther
Ashley, Lucian
Ashley, Norris Jr.
Ashton, Daniel
Atkins, Warren Corbin
Atwater, Frederick A.
Atwood, Chester L.
Atwood, Cournel Buel
Atwood, Hiram Kelsey
Atwood, Martin V. B.
Atwood, Stephen Andrew
Austin, Albert E.
Austin, Amasa Comstock
Austin, Charles
Austin, Charles
Austin, Edward Pasco
Austin, John Benjamin
Austin, Steven L.
Averill, Volney
Avery, William