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11th Regiment, 1890 Roster

11th Vermont Reunion Society, 1907

13th Vermont Infantry, List of Reunions, 1888-1906

13th Vermont Reunion, 1906

1890 Census

1890 Census - Franklin County, NY

1892 Revised Roster

2nd Regiment, Reunions, 1886-1922

2nd Vermont Infantry (Burlington)

3rd Regiment Association Meeting, 1927

8th Vermont Infantry Regiment Reunion, 1897

Addison Monument

Albany Monument

Atherton, Aunt Lizzie, Nurse

Barnard Monument

Barnet Monument

Barre Monument

Belgium Medial Corps Hospital

Bellows Falls Monument

Bennington Monument

Benson Monument

Bethel Monument

Bradford (Clark)

Bradford Monument

Brandon (Douglas)

Brandon Monument

Brattleboro Monument

Brattleboro, Camps

Brighton Monument

Bristol Monument

Burke Memorial Plaque

Burlington (Wells)

Burlington Monument

Cabot Monument

Calais Monument

Cambridge Monument

Canaan Monument

Castleton Monument

Cavendish Monument

Chester Monument

Chittenden Monument

Civl War Resources in the Norwich Archives

Cornwall Monument

Coventry Monument

Craftsbury Monument

Danby Monument

Danville Monument

Dartmouth Cavaliers

Derby Line Monument

Derby Monument

Designed to Cure: Civil War Hospitals in Vermont

Duxbury Monument

Early Black Settlers (Hinesburg)

Edward Ripley (Mendon)

Fair Haven Cannon

Fayston Monument

First Vermont Cavalry Reunion Society Annual Meeting, 1874

Flint, William H., diary

Fradulent Use of Badges

Franklin Monument

From Battlefield to Hospital

GAR Hereditary Organizations

GAR Memorial Window, Morrisville

GAR Museum and Library

GAR Post Charter petition

GAR Uniforms

George W. Henderson (Belvidere)

Georgia (Stannard)

Georgia Monument

Gettysburg 50th Anniversary Report

Glazier, Nelson N. correspondence in hospital

Goshen Monument

Grand Army of the Republic

Grand Union Ball advertisement

Greensboro Monument

Groton (Sleeping Sentinel)

Groton Monument

Hardwick Memorial Building

Hartland Monument

Henry Janes (Waterbury)

Highgate Monument

Hospital Arrangements - AG64

Hyde Park Monument

Hyde Park, Cannon

ID Disks

In the Hospital

Ira Monument

James Hope (Castleton)

Jarvis Post, Springfield, 1905 Group Photo

Jericho Monument

Johnson Monument

Julian Scott (Johnson)

Lincoln Monument

Linda M. Welch Collection

Links To Other Projects (by State)

Ludlow GAR Post, 1915 pamphlet

Lunenburg Monument

Manchester, Memorial

Mather, Warren D., correspondence

Medical/Hospitals - AG63

Memorial Day 1897, School Event

Memorial Day Sermon, 1901

Middlebury Cannon

Middlebury College

Middlebury Monument

Middletown Springs Monument

Military Headstones

Milton Monument

Missing Soldiers (Clara Barton post-war)

MOLLUS Photographs

MOLLUS Publications

MOLLUS Roster, 1913

Montgomery Monument

Moretown Monument

Morrisville Monument

National Archives

National Soldiers Homes

Newfane Monument

Newport Monument

North Troy Monument

Northfield Monument

Norwich Monument

Orange Monument

Peacham Monument

Post-War Bounty Issues

Poultney Monument

Proceedings, Vermont Officers' Reunion Society, 1864-1884 (table of contents)

Proceedings, Vermont Officers' Reunion Society, 1886-1905 (table of contents)

Proctorsvillle Monument

Reading Monument

Research Aids

Richford Monument

Richmond Monument

Robinson, Ben, gravesite

Rochester Monument

Rutland GAR Meeting, 1890s

Rutland Monument

Salisbury Monument

Sharon Monument

Sheffield Monument

Shoreham Monument

Soldiers in Hospital - AG65

South Royalton Monument

Springfield Civil War Cannon Donated For Scrap

St. Albans Raid Monument

St. Johnsbury Monument

Stephen A. Douglas (Brandon)

Stowe Memorial Building

Stowe, 1906 Photo of Vets

Swanton Monument

The Grand Army of the Republic and Kindred Societies

Tunbridge Monument

Underhill Monument

Vermont GAR Roster, 1912

Vermont Historical Society Photographs

Vermont Officers Reunion Society

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1866

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1868

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1872

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1874

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1878

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1880

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1883

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1884

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1885

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Meeting, 1906

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Members, 1885

Vermont Officers' Reunion Society Roster, 1885

Vernon Monument

Waitsfield Monument

Washington Monument

Waterbury Monument

Waterville Monument

Weathersfield Monument

Westford Monument

Weston Monument

Wheelock Monument

Williamstown Monument

Williston Monument

Wilmington Monument

Wolcott Monument

Women's Relief Corps

Woodstock Monument