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Vermonters who served in Massachusetts units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,395 Vermonters who served in Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Abbott, Almond C.
Abbott, Ora S.
Adams, Abel
Adams, Albert M.
Adams, Daniel V.
Adams, George
Adams, Henry
Adams, Lucius Ortho
Adams, Stephen
Albee, Charles Irwin
Aldrich, Ambrose D.
Aldrich, Harrison
Aldrich, William A.
Allard, Pierre
Allen, Arthur A.
Allen, Austin E.
Allen, James C. M.
Allen, James Madison
Allen, Samuel Johnson
Allen, Washington Irving
Alvord, Francis A.
Amadon, Ansel Lyman
Amsden, Marcus E.
Anderson, Emery
Andrews, Aaron
Andrews, Franklin
Andrus, Edward G.
Anthony, Francis H.
Appleby, Edward
Ardagh, John
Armington, Samuel W.
Arnold, Benjamin
Arnold, Lyndon Claude
Arnold, Samuel B.
Arsino, Philip D.
Aseltine, Charles W.
Atkins, William W.
Atwood, Lyman Boynton
Atwood, Parker I.
Ault, William
Avery, Charles N.
Ayers, Branch Flagg