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Vermonters who served in Massachusetts units

As of 1 January 2022, we have found 1,395 Vermonters who served in Massachusetts regiments during the Civil War. Select a letter corresponding to the first letter of the surname.

Cadwell, Charles Buckley
Cadwell, Linus M.
Cady, Curtis A.
Cady, Henry
Cady, Henry Kirk
Cain, John D.
Campbell, John
Caneda, Philo
Canedy, Simeon
Caney, Cornelius
Caraway, Tallus F.
Carlin, Thomas P.
Carlton, Jerome Warren
Carlton, Merrill
Carpenter, James W.
Carpenter, Joseph W. D.
Carroll, Grant
Carroll, Obed J.
Carter, Charles E.
Carter, Charles W.
Cass, Thomas
Caswell, Alonzo F.
Caswell, Charles L.
Caswell, Edward F.
Cavanaugh, Patrick
Chadwick, John A.
Chaffee, George Reuben
Chamberlain, John F. E.
Chamberlain, John H.
Chamberlain, Orrin S.
Chamberlain, Silas T.
Chamberlin, Charles J.
Chamberlin, Charles T.
Chambers, Henry
Chapin, Alonzo Burnham
Chapin, Josiah L.
Chapin, William H.
Chapman, Henry W.
Charter, John M.
Cheney, Wales
Chesley, Cassius
Chevall, Alfred
Childs, George T.
Childs, Otis F.
Chilson, George Augustus
Chilson, Lucius H.
Churchill, Horace M.
Clapp, Richard E.
Clark, C.
Clark, Francis E.
Clark, George W.
Clark, Harmon J.
Clark, Joel L.
Clark, Miles D.
Clark, Montraville Horace
Clark, Oliver Hibbard
Clark, Philip C.
Clark, Wallace S.
Clayton, Simeon S.
Clifford, George W.
Clifford, Leonard
Clifford, Wells W.
Clogston, Luman
Clogston, Oramel Curtis
Cobb, Frederick Rasom
Cobb, Roswell Daniel
Cobleigh, Franklin E.
Coburn, Joseph P.
Coburn, Milton S.
Cochran, Edmund Winchester
Cochran, Joseph
Colburn, Edgar
Colby, David H.
Cole, James O.
Cole, Joseph
Collins, Charles R.
Collins, Dwight P.
Collins, George
Collins, James B.
Collopy, Francis
Colton, Charles C.
Conant, Alphonso
Conant, Ira
Cook, Hollis C.
Cook, John L.
Cook, Samuel B.
Coolidge, Henry W.
Coomes, Elias
Cooper, James A.
Cooper, Seth Hundson
Copp, David G.
Cotton, Simon B.
Coughlin, Jeremiah
Cowden, James C.
Cowdin, Robert
Cowles, Edwin M.
Cram, George B.
Crandall, Oscar C.
Crane, John D.
Crawford, William H.
Crockett, James
Crosby, Henry
Crosier, Eugene
Crosier, Nelson
Crosier, Silas
Cross, Addison
Cross, Theodore L.
Crossman, John Francis
Crowe, Hugh
Cummings, Cyrus R.
Cummings, George
Cummings, George P.
Cunningham, Eugene
Currier, John Winnick
Curtis, John Barney
Cushing, Alexander M.
Cushing, Nathan
Cutler, Leroy Zenas
Cutler, William